Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mainkar's Chaturthi Celebration..!!

folks, m bec to blogging...had a superb ganesh season..enjoyed a lot...most amazing news is that,i put up more 1 kg in the talley is 58kgs..ha ha...hurrey...!!!i know its small increase but for me its very big...he he....well that was possible only after dedication and hardwork( lunch and at dinner i mean..)..besides that many blogmates may not know that my favorate hobby is SLEEPING...and my previous best was 13Hrs continuous sleeping..which i overtook this season,i.e on the 3rd day of ganesh.The total hours were 13 hrs and 25mins...well i was damn happy about this fact(hey mates,that doesnot mean i m lazy guy okie...m pretty serious when work comes...)he he...

I am including a video whcih shows the decorations made at my native place in sattari(40km from panaji)which was carved with creativity of my cousin mr.vinod mainkar and this video is edited my none other than the owner of this blog.

Its a wish time..!!

Finally my blog is being visited by the two genies,the mighty Genie King and the beautiful Genie Princess of Mariuca and they have travelled from my blog friend sweetgirl..

Genie Princess:-

Genie Princess

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Genie King

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi..!!!

I like to wish all my friends,blogmates and their fly a very happy and prosperous ganesh chaturthi.May it bring in a lot of love,happiness and may it even gift uall with sucess in watever u aim.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Study tour in bangalore...!!!

My blogmates might me wondering where i had been off from blogging for so many days..well the reason being so simple that,i had gone along with my other 47 classmates.The duration of the tour was from 6th september to 12th september 2007.And i need to mention that IT WAS SUPERB TOUR(rathar fun tour)..he he...

The agenda of shedule had zescon and CSI.At CSI,the panel greeted us very nicely.They provided us information regarding the CSI and also explained the need of CSI joining(well i m already a member though..he he).Later part was seminar on "advancement in modern technology" and "computer security"..well i was mainly foccused onthe later seminar as it was on computer security.

that was my attire for company visits:-formal yet simple(he he,very thin by physical outlook though)

Then after finishing with all plans of study tour,we headed to mysore on 10th of september.well i have been there manier times,so it was not new to me...
In mysore,classmates saw maharaja palace(it rain though),and brindawan garden along with famous st philomena church in mysore.

Then returned at the same night,at 12.30am and as usual i being a "long sleeper",slept in bus during travelling itself.

then next day was like "prajyot,in malls for shopping".It was kinda lotta shopping...

But in this tour i also took few very eye catching snaps of very very touching descriptions..see if u can note it...
mother and child...most beautiful relation in a gr8 feeling na.. it looks na..!!