Monday, November 27, 2006

Kuch Na Kaho...!!!!

Varanasi, Bollywood sensation Abhishek Bachchan and beauty queen-turned actress Aishwarya Rai took part in pujas along with his family at the Kashi Viswanath and Sankat Mochan Temples here early Monday morning, capping a night of rumours that they were getting married.

Abhishek`s father and Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan, mother Jaya, sister Shweta Nanda, uncle Ajitabh and his daughter Namrata and Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh took part in the `mangla aarti` and `rudra abhishek` rituals at the ancient temples here.

The family also offered prayers at Ram Janaki Temple near Sankat Mochan Temple and participated in an `aarti` for Lord Hanuman there. The Bachchans and Aishwarya reached temples amidst heavy posse of police personnel and a battery of media persons.

Incidentally, today is the 99th birthday of Bachchan`s father and noted Hindi poet Harivanshrai Bachchan.

"They performed the rituals with great zeal. Amitabh and Jaya offered the `jalabhishek` (offering of water to the deity). I also requested Abhishek and Aishwarya to do so," Kashi Viswanath Temple priest Srikant Tripathi said.

Asked what were the reasons for Bachchan conducting such pujas, Tripathi said he was not aware of the reasons why they wanted to do this and that there was no specific ritual performed to reduce the influence of Mars on the actors.

Astrologer Chandramouli Upadhyaya, who met the Bachchans here last night, said there was no discussion on the marriage and they have come here to offer prayers at the temples to overcome a problem relating to the horoscope of Aishwarya.

There have been considerable speculation in the media about marriage between Abhishek and Aishwarya but neither family has confirmed it.

Amitabh had said in London on November 9 this year that he wanted Abhishek to settle with a "good girl" of his choice.

Asked about the prospect of Abhishek marrying Aishwarya, the older Bachchan had quipped: "I have also heard about it. You should ask the people who spread the rumour".

Abhishek and Aishwarya have starred together in Hindi films like Dhai Akshar Prem Ke, Kuch Na Kaho, recently-released Umrao Jaan and Dhoom II as also Mani Ratnam`s forthcoming "Guru".

Sunday, November 26, 2006

ohh ya india.....gaya india???

V Sehwag c A Hall b S Pollock04000
S Tendulkar c L Bosman b S Pollock290022.22
R Dravid c A Hall b S Pollock631034161.17
M Kaif b S Pollock10171058.82
D Karthik c G Smith b M Ntini14232160.87
M Dhoni c L Bosman b J Kallis554834114.58
I Pathan c G Smith b J Kallis1100010
H Singh c G Smith b A Hall10122083.33
A Agarkar c G Smith b A Hall691066.67
Z Khan not out2110018.18
A Kumble b A Hall03000
Extras ( byes 0, leg byes 1, no ball 0, wides 4, penalty 0 ) 5
Total (for 10 wickets, 41.3 overs) 168 Run Rate : 4.05

Well its nothing more than a shame that Indians are bending toward the loosing attitude.
Its been a regular trend so far.Team india needs more of attitude change in them rathar than a coach and external tips.Team india is yet to identify that cricket is mental game not mere physical.We should really apppriciate the way SA fought back from 76-6 to make upto 274 as its team total.Well this chase never looked as gettable as 3rd ball of india's chase went off straight to hall in 3rd man off shaun pollock as sehwag departed with a duckling duck.Then it was a touch and go situation for indians.Perfact line and length of SA blowers departed indian batsmans back to pavellion.
Atleast now Team india should concentrate on cricket rathar than fashion shows,add shows and money making schemes.Its high time for team india's loosing trends.
I feel its time to get in ganguli back into the side...may be he has no support but we do believe "dada...kuch kar sakta hein"....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bhagam Bhag


WELL Mr.Priyadarshan has finally found his dancing shoes out.Whew..!! Immediatly came up with his funny ideas....BHAGAM BHAG..his next attempt.He has been the best comedy film director in Indian cinema so far.He is known for his immediate ideas and them implementing those into real times.
Lets see how far his dancing shoes can take him upto....!!

Wait Is About To End.....!!!!

Microsoft has announced that Windows Vista will be broadly available as a stand-alone product or pre-installed on new PCs on January 30, 2007.

Windows Vista introduces a breakthrough user experience and is designed to help you feel confident in your ability to view, find, and organize information and to control your computing experience.

The visual sophistication of Windows Vista helps streamline your computing experience by refining common window elements so you can better focus on the content on the screen rather than on how to access it. The desktop experience is more informative, intuitive, and helpful. And new tools bring better clarity to the information on your computer, so you can see what your files contain without opening them, find applications and files instantly, navigate efficiently among open windows, and use wizards and dialog boxes more confidently.

Windows Vista is engineered to be the most secure version of Windows yet. The new features in Windows Vista help to give you the control and confidence you need to get the most out of your PC.

Windows Vista provides valuable new innovations to help ensure you never lose information that is important to you. Windows Vista offers multiple layers of backup and restore protection from hardware failure, user error, or other issues. These innovations include system restore enhancements, a new feature called Windows Backup, and a related feature: Previous Versions, based on the Volume Shadow Copy technology which was first introduced with the Windows Server product family. These features are presented in a single, unified Windows Backup and Restore Center.

Windows Vista is designed to help make you more productive as you work with your PC throughout the day with new features like Sleep, Windows SuperFetch, Windows ReadyBoost, and Windows ReadyDrive.

Windows SuperFetch helps manage memory to get the most out of available RAM while Windows ReadyBoost helps make PCs more responsive by using flash memory devices (like USB thumb drives) to boost performance. Windows ReadyDrive takes advantage of new hybrid hard disks—hard disks with integrated flash memory—to help improve battery life, performance, and reliability. With Windows Vista, your system is ready when you are.

Well this was just a trailer of VISTA.So Await till 30th jan 2007 to expereince the real treat of microsoft VISTA.


India is known for its culture and attitude different fro other nations.
India is also catching up in technology.But are we loosing our sanscriti? Well this video shows one of such things.
Every person had ups and downs in life.But we should understand and motivate him/her to uplift his/her spirits rathar than insulting with such nonsense videos.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

IE7 safer than the safest:

Cut through the clutter.

Simple is good. A redesigned, streamlined interface gives you more of what you need and less of what you don't. The new look maximizes the area of the screen that displays the webpage.

The Internet Explorer 7 interface

Put safety first:

Robust new Internet Explorer 7 architecture and improved security features help protect you against malicious software, and help to keep your personal data safe from fraudulent websites and online phishing scams.

The Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter showing an alert about a suspicious website

The Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter showing an alert about a suspicious website

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Cube - Switching desktops by rotating a 3D cube, with a running high-resolution movie bent around corner
Cube - Switching desktops by rotating a 3D cube, with a running high-resolution movie bent around corner

Xgl is a new Xserver architecture layered on top of OpenGL. Xgl can perform intricate graphical operations--such as rendering antialiased fonts--noticeably faster than other available Xservers that do not use OpenGL. The current implementation is Xglx but the future implementation of Xgl will be Xegl.

More important than speed alone, Xgl accelerates complex composite operations, making possible new stunning visual effects through on OpenGL-enhanced composition/window managers like Compiz. These visual effects have broad practical use, making Linux more accessible for the visually impaired, and creating a workspace that is easier to comprehend and navigate for less experienced users.

Xgl must be used in combination with a compositor/window manager to expose all of its capabilities. Compiz is the compositor utility that was developed in conjunction with Xgl.

It is possible that future graphics hardware will support only 3D operations, without any 2D core any more. For this reason, Xgl is an important advance for all operating systems that rely on the graphical foundation.


Ubuntu 6.10 released

Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system
, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too!

Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too!

The Ubuntu community is built on the ideas enshrined in the Ubuntu Philosophy: that software should be available free of charge, that software tools should be usable by people in their local language and despite any disabilities, and that people should have the freedom to customise and alter their software in whatever way they see fit.

These freedoms make Ubuntu fundamentally different from traditional proprietary software: not only are the tools you need available free of charge, you have the right to modify your software until it works the way you want it to.

ubuntu definition

Ubuntu is suitable for both desktop and server use. The current Ubuntu release supports PC (Intel x86), 64-bit PC (AMD64), Sun UltraSPARC and T1 (Sun Fire T1000 and T2000), PowerPC (Apple iBook, Powerbook, G4 and G5) and OpenPower (Power5) architectures.

Ubuntu includes more than 16,000 pieces of software, but the core desktop installation fits on a single CD. Ubuntu covers every standard desktop application from word processing and spreadsheet applications to web server software and programming to tools

To know more about UBUNTU :

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