Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well...this is a funny reality,the distance of my college to my home is around 45Km's.So obviously its the distance i travel almost daily.So if we go by time taken to cover 45 Km's,its approx 1hr and at the most 1.30mins.

Till date i knew march is a summer season.but 24th march proved it absolutly wrong.

It proved that march is a rainy season.ha ha ha..

it took me literaly 3 hrs to travel from shiroda to panaji with a normal speed of 40km/hr.

i had to wait in one of the hilly region called as farmagudi for almost 1.20hrs just because of continuos rain.and wat was more funny was i had nope raincoat.

here is the day's snapshot..!!!

Holi celebration...!!!

happy holdi to all my blog visitors..!!

it been days that i m away from blogging...but now m back...

as usual holi day was normal one...early morning saw kids playying down.I remebered my school days where we all friends used to roam in car with buckets full of color water.We used to be at home at 3pm also.It was damn fun.But as seasons passed
the age factor played a role and finally a stagewhere i just sat back and watched people palying holi...he he

at around 11.04Am,went in the temple.well its my every year's constant agenda..he he..constant a scientific word at wrong destination ha ha ha...

Finally,at around 12pm,Couple of my friends of same college,came to put color at my door step,it was gr8 are their snapshots

may this holi bring lots of prosperity and may it fill your life full of colors of happiness,joy,sucess.