Saturday, August 30, 2008

i.Technology-Bluetooth Dongle Unleashed

A mobile phone with Bluetooth is not something that would warrant serious discussion, as even some entry-level handsets come equipped with the technology today. I’m a sucker for Bluetooth gadgetry, as I hate the tangle of wires that would follow me around otherwise.

A mobile phone with bluetooth is not something that would warrant serious discussion.m not a entry level mobile user and expecting you guys also arent..he he..

Bluetooth technology has been always facinating me with new features and now its time of i.Tech BlueCON35 II Bluetooth Dongle.

Who would like the tangle of wires that follow one?

certainly the answer ould ne,"NO ONE".


i.Tech’s BlueCON35 II is a Bluetooth V1.2 Hi-Fi device that comes with a 3.5mm pin attached by a short wire to the dongle. It weighs no more than a five rupee coin and is about as small, so you won’t have to worry about being weighed down.

It has a slot for the charger and a small power key for activating and pairing the dongle to any Bluetooth headset. Of course, the device you intend to use it with needs to be equipped with a 3.5mm earphone or line-out socket. After plugging it in, simply follow the instructions for pairing it with a Bluetooth-enabled headset.


There’s not too much by way of performance that I can mention, considering it’s merely a device that emits a signal and nothing more.


Time for a i-tech to Spark in BlueTooth Arena.The BlueCON35 II is priced at Rs 2988 (MRP) but the street price is closer to Rs 2500. I say it’s worth it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nokia N96 Rock On..!!!

Apple 3Gp is about to be lauched in market and Nokia INC lauched its N-Sequel
"THE NOKIA N96". Though it was launched without any commertial showcase,i thought apple 3GP was most awaited.But there seems to be an excitment towards N96 more than 3GP.

I have read many prelauch theories regarding apple 3GP and i belive it still needs upgrades.As a debut,it is not at all fully loaded phone.I would say it has 9 major drawbacks(which i will be posting in my ahead posts).

Returning back to Nokia N96,i would say it has superb features.

Its fully loaded phone with wifi features along side of bluetooth and has 5 MP, 2592x1944 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, video(VGA 30fps), flash; secondary VGA videocall camera.

The N96 will come preloaded with Nokia Maps 2.0 with inbuilt maps for over 150 countries (and growing) that will feature geotagging with Assisted GPS (A-GPS); something on lines with tagging the places you have been. Nokia maps will also help you with road routes and will include an interesting feature, “Walk”; with an inbuilt accelerometer and a compass the device will guide pedestrians as they progress on their route.

Standby time varies upto 200-220 Hrs with talktime upto 3-4 Hrs.- Built-in GPS receiver

other Features those catch attraction are:

- A-GPS function
- DVB-H TV broadcast receiver
- Dual slide design
- Java MIDP 2.0
- MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA player
- 3.5 mm audio output jack
- TV out
- Stereo FM Radio with RDS
- Organizer
- Office document viewer
- T9
- Push to talk
- Voice dial/memo
- Built-in handsfree

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bachna ae LOGON

Starring Ranbir Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone, Minissha Lamba,bachana ae hasino is a total waste of money along side of waste of 3hrs(actually lil more than that).

I saw myself to be in worst ever state of file after similar condition for the movie bunti aur bubli.Believe me this movie has NO STORYLINE.Agreed all type cast here in this film are talented but i found seats in inox (sunday 17th 2k8 @ 12.10 pm) absolutly EMPTY.

This got me 2 Q'ns in my mind.

Firstly,are people more intrested in GOD TUSSI GREAT HO??


Secondly,Whether people are not aware of any new launches in this week.

Answer still remains pending..!!

what i would say is,music direction provided by vishal-Shekar was amzing.It was songs at right time.With lot of clarity in words and with feelings,songs actually are best things of this movie.

ofcource even the scene locality is fabulous.i liked the locations in the movie a lot.They are really attractive.

Friday, August 15, 2008

M back on Independence Day

fianlly the day is come when m back to goa."Happy to be here".Drove the way from pune till goa right from 6Pm-9Am next day.Oh god...guess what?It took me 2.3Hrs to simply move off pune city(well toggling between !st and 2nd gear)ha ha ha...

Movement I reached goa,first thing i did was eat,eat and eat.Aai gave me mushrooms(well,i just love them) and chapati.well...then slept for a hour and two and then back to blogging and I-NET he he.

By the way,happy Independence day to all indians.

Monday, August 11, 2008

India Shines With Gold..!!

Indian shooter Abhinav Bindra has a knack of creating history. He has done it again in Beijing.

From being the country's first world champion in shooting to emerging as its maiden individual Olympic gold medallist, the 24-year-old Abhinav has displayed nerves of steel and a dogged determination over the years to attain the highest sporting glory.

It has been a tough journey to Beijing for the 'silent killer', as his father AS Bindra calls him.

Abhinav bravely fought a career-threatening back injury, which forced him to opt out of the Doha Asian Games. He booked his Beijing berth by winning the 2006 World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia - a first by an Indian.

And on Monday he lived up to the expectations of a million fans back home to give the country its first Olympics gold in 28 years after the men's hockey team's triumph in Moscow, 1980.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sony Launches New Walkman MP3 Player Range

Sony has launched the latest addition to its range of Walkman MP3 players – the NWZ-B130F series - in India.

Available in 1 GB and 2 GB capacities, the players have in-built bass enhancer that enhances the bass elements of music by approximately 100Hz.

The NWZ-B130F series is able to deliver up to 16 hours of continuous music playback and features Sony's Quick Charge function wherein just three minutes of charging provides 90 minutes of music playback, while 16 hours worth of music playback can be achieved with 70 minutes of charging.

The series features a direct USB connection and drag and drop interface for easy uploading/downloading and playback of audio content. In addition, the NWZ-B130F series allows for direct music recording and playback on supported audio systems, removing the need to connect to a computer in order to transfer audio content.

The players also feature FM radio and voice recording.

The 1 GB player cost Rs. 2,590 while the 2 GB version costs Rs. 3,490.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Music Louds from SOUNDPOD

Ever since MP3 players became fashionable , portable speakers have become the ultimate solution to all our music woes while on the move.

The corporate laptop-toting type – and they are a dime a dozen today – would love to include a compact set of speakers as well. The idea is to get something that fits easily in one's luggage, or laptop bag.

Coming back to the SoundPod, it was initially pitched as an iPod travel dock, but can be used with any device with a 3.5mm jack. I've been using it with the Motorola Rokr E8, and it works just as well.

A neat foldable design allows you to box it in with your luggage. A plastic fixture that comes bundled can be fixed to the front to prop up the player.

The cabling is short, which is perhaps the only downside to the SoundPod. The on/off button is on the top, and the battery cover on the rear opens to reveal space for four AAA batteries.

The SoundPod costs Rs 750, and hurry – I'm told a 6V DC adaptor comes free for a limited time. This is a fabulous price, considering what it can do.

GOOD:good battery life,good price for sound.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


The E71 seems to be a culmination of elegance, style, and class, with functionality kept utmost in mind. I think its steel shell gives it a macho look and feel. The display may be a little smaller than the E61i at 2.36 inches, but on the whole the E71’s specs are way better. The QWERTY keypad looks rather compressed, however, and will take a bit of getting used to. But the five-way nav-pad and relevant shortcut keys are located for easy accessibility.

The new tweaked Symbian OS 9.2 (Series 60 v3.1 UI) looks great, with clear and large icons. It doesn’t look exactly like the old interface, but it retains most characteristics, so you’ll still recognize everything. When you enable ‘Active Desktop’, the screen now clearly indicates Missed Call and Unread Message notifications at the bottom. What would have been perfect is an ‘Open Applications’ check feature that can let you close any app running in the background with one simple click.


The E71 is fully equipped with media options to suit all users, business or otherwise. The music player isn’t very different from other Nokia S60 players; it offers EQ presets and the option to create your own with a 5-band EQ. Other options include stereo widening and loudness. The sound quality is superb. It’s not exceptionally loud, but it's enough to drown out any ambient noise. The video player is great too, with no issues. The E71 reads MP3, MPEG4, 3GP and AAC file formats.


Nokia Maps 2.0 makes the E71 that bit more enticing. Its GPS receiver works like a charm; there isn't much delay in picking up satellite reception. The display is clear, which makes it possible to navigate your way through streets with ease. The handset has full support for A-GPS, but unfortunately there's no Geotagging. But that’s easily fixed by installing applications like Nokia’s Location Tagger and LOCR (from the catalog). These apps are freeware.


In this area the E71 is loaded with goodies, from Bluetooth v2.0 with Stereo Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi, microUSB and even Infrared. It also supports 3G with HSDPA. Users can use the handset as a modem, and as an Internet telephone (for which you can download Gizmo, which is available as freeware from the Download section in the handset). The E71 can handle GPRS/EDGE and WAP connectivity.

Business Features

From a business point of view the E71 handles itself really well. To start with, it comes preloaded with QuickOffice that has all licenses in place. This enables users to create/edit new and existing documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. A PDF reader is present, along with a ZIP application. Also included is a preloaded dictionary, printer connectivity, support for a Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard, and my favorite – Active Notes, which allows you to create notes in which you can insert media such as audio, video, and images.


Unfortunately, the 3.2MP autofocus camera is the biggest downside of this otherwise great handset. The image quality is below par, and that's an understatement. The camera has plenty of options to choose from – such as white balance, exposure compensation, and effects – but none of them help improve the overall quality.