Saturday, July 31, 2010

Samsung I900 : It's An "Android"

India is a huge mobile market and the numbers speak for themselves. It is clear by now that beyond of 2010, 130 Million Unit sales of mobile will take place. Recently a lot of new companies like Micromax, Lava, Lemon, Videocon, Spice etc have jumped into the mobile handset war where big wigs like Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson have been fighting from a long time. No doubt about the fact that Budget phones are ruling the market as justified by "Common" Man. All companies are trying to cut down on the mobile prices so that the market purchase retains or boosts up to higher levels.

Samsung has recently launched Samsung I900 on android OS.Weighing up to 118 gm and dimensions of  64.2 x 122.4 x 9.9mm, this phone is all set to hit the market. This touch screen mobile with 5 MP camera, is much more advanced than the usual phones. Only worry aboug this mobile is it lacks flash.Equipped with Bluetooth and 2 USB Slots, Samsung I9000 has internal memory of 16 GB which can be increased upto 32 GB using MicroSD card.Samsung I9000 has Wifi Connectivity and also Tv Output slot. 

For all the business people looking for budget phone,i would say this phone is preety fine. Document Writer, Mobile Printing and Aero-Mode(Offline) are some of the features along side usual calender bookins and task notifications. With a talk time up to 805 Mins, this phone is very much user interface friendly.

My Rating : 7/10 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Touch Screen Mobile Devices : Down 8000/- Under

Touch screen,Touch Screen...this is all the young bloods want this days.And why not, simplicity is the need of technology. Thus i thought i would simplify the search for youths by just choosing one of the three mobiles which i feel are really worth of cost and more importantly, fits-in below 8000 INR.

Nokia 5230

Nokia has been always the viewers and user choice till date. I always prefer using Nokia phones, but this is not the only reason i gave it a priority.Its the features that play a morale game with others.Dimensions 111 X 51.7 X 14.5 mm and with the weight of 113gm this phone proves to lead the market with its responsive touch screen with tactile feedback.Impact of accelerometer for auto rotate feature is just awesome.This classic mobile has a built-in proximity sensor to save power and prevent inadvertent touches.It has 70 MB built in memory and slot of Micro-SD which can store up to 16 GB data when connected.Stand by time of 438 Hours in GSM mode and 458 Hours in case of WCDMA. Nokia 5230 phone is  equipped with 2 MP and more importantly, PVC Free material makes this mobile environmental friendly.

My Rating : 8/10
Cost : INR 7800 

LG Cookie Fresh

Yeah,i know its a heard term. I also know that this Ad appears number of times on television.Weights around 91 grams and dimension of 108 x 52.9 x 12.5mm, LG cookie fresh has 3 inch TFT screen with descent display quality of 240×400 pixels at 262K colors. The 2 MP camera with 2X digital zoom and video recording feature makes this phone a good choice to try.The handset has a music player capable of playing MP3, AMR,  AAC, AAC+, WMA and MIDI files.Featured with GRPS,EDGE and WAP service,Bluetooth and USB support ,Cookie Fresh  comes with applications like Data Wallet, Just Cricket, LG HelpDesk, NewsHunt and Push e-mail. Internal memory of this mobile is 22 MB expandable up to 16 GB.LG Cookie Fresh provides talk time of 10 Hours which i feel is pretty good at this price.

My Rating : 7/10
Cost : INR 6000

Micromax X 600

Micromax mobile company has been ruling market this year.These mobiles are the most budget range mobile phones in India and i know i wont be wrong if i say, "they are doing extremely good ". Budget phones, Good mobile  features, what else do a common man require?? Yeah,i know its a heard term.This dual SIM mobile has 2 MP camera with a wide scope to access social networking portals.Preloaded with Opera Mini,browsing becomes just too simple.It features the Nimbuzz, a multi messenger app that allows to log on to multiple IM clients such as Yahoo, MSN chat from a single platform.This phone supports EDGE, GPRS,WAP,MMS support.It supports Micro SD and memory extend-able to 4 GB.Talk time is around 5 hours and standby time is around 8 Hours.

My Rating : 7.5/10

Cost : INR 4500

Spice S7000

I wont call this mobile as the most latest launch, but its not too old either. Released somewhere in May 2010, this phone has captured eyes of many mobile enthusiastic for its 3.2 MP camera and a very compact design. Doesn't look much different than the Nokia 5230 mobile. T-Flash memory card enables the internal memory upgrade from 19 MB to 16 GB. This mobile phone supports many video formats that include FLV, WMV, AVI, MP4, 3GP, MOV, DAT and RM. This phone can be used as webcam as well. Social buzz can just be too easy with this phone as it has preinstalled features to involve one into yahoo, VuClip, Nimbuzz, Facebook,Ibibo,Opera Mini and Snaptu.

My Rating : 7/10

Cost : INR 4500

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toshiba T230 : Leading < Satellite > Innovation

Toshiba’s new laptop launch is the Satellite T200 series, including the new Satellite T230 and the Satellite T235. Like my last post, i, this time too, i don't remember when was my last Toshiba post. Nevertheless, lets focus on Toshiba for now.

The T230 has an 13.3-inch display panel and this streamlined ultra-thin model is ideally suited for long battery run.Powered by Intel and AMD's energy efficient processor technologies, enjoy the richer web and multimedia experience, offcourse the weight will not let you down.

Wondering to spend your day just on laptop then this laptop is ideally for the same use.Plan,Work and execute, all just in time without having to look for electrical socket for charging. 

Ideal 16:9 aspect ratio is great for movies and multitasking featured with diagonal HD TruBrite  LED back-lit display.Tile keyboard and large keypad with left/right mouse buttons,takes care of your comfort..all time.

An innovative 3D sensor helps your data by "Parking" the hard drive heads in the event of a drop or sudden movement.USB Sleep and Charge technology helps to charge MP3 players and smartphones even if the system is off. Scale the movie comfort at your own feel just by using this laptop's HDMI mode setting.

My Rating : 8/10 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Motorolla Milestone : Milestone Unleased

I really dont remember when i last posted about Motorola.But the reason i thought of posting on Motorola this time because i really liked this new launch.

Featured with 3G with an Android OS, this slider phone has 5MP image stabilized camera.With dual LED and 4X zoom, this phone has a point to prove.For all who are not sure of Android™,it is a flexible software platform designed to deliver a personalized and customizable user experience on mobile devices.

Specifications :

  • Physical : Weighing around 165 gm, and sized to 2.4 X 4.6 X 0.5 with display size3.7 " WVGA ( 480 X 854 PX).
  • Stand by/Talk Time : 350 Mins. and 290 Mins. talk time.
  • Messaging : Push G-Mail,Push Exchange,MMS,Predictive Text, SMS,VM and IM
  • Connectivity : WiFi, GPS,Web Connectivity,USB 2.0 Connector
  • Music & Video : Streaming Media, Music Player, D1 Video Playback,DVD quality upto 24FPS
  • Technology : Accelerometer, 550MHz Processor Speed, 8GB mSD
  • Calling:Caller ID,Conference ID,Noise Reduction,On Hold

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Epic Browser- Indian For Indians

Years passed by and it was the same trend of giant browser clients such as Mozilla,Chrome,IE and Opera. Each of them featured with own features that makes them different from others. But here is one browser that differs from others and being specifically designed for Indians, needless to say by Indian developers.

"Epic Browser" is an internet browser which is based in Mozilla Firefox, which taps severals services to serve relevant contents to users.While using this particular browser, i thought of jotting on some value-added features of this browser:
# We Are India : you really don't have to be English literate to use this browser. You can be from any state with any Indian supportive language such as Hindi,Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil,Telugu, Marathi,Gujarati..and some other international languages.

# Tweaked For Speed : Since it is Mozilla powered, it has a better download speed and faster browser capacity.

# Privacy Matters : Epic is features with "Private Browsing Mode" in which the neither the history, nor the cookies and also cached pages don't get stored. So don't worry of conditions were you need to delete and clear history. This can be activated just by a "Click" of a mouse.

# Note Down Please : Every faced an issue where you need to type down few notes while reading through internet portals.If yes, then definitely Notepad, or hard book must be the option you all choose. Assuming that copy paste is an alternative, but sometimes points jotting is more important than content copying and then filtering.So why not use a browser that has all these features even when its Indian language oriented ? Each note you can type and store in the side panel and can be viewed at your convenience. Quick intelligence ensures that the each English word typed is convented to the desired selected language after the press of space.
# India.Connecting People: Latest Film songs, stock reports, live TV,events, Regional languages news,events, daily jokes etc, epic relaxes you will all features for each Indian choice. Partnered with NDTV and features with IBN live, this browser proves to be the Hot launch of the season with its sizzling Browser-Facts.
# Stay Protected : Epic proves to be first browser with antivirus integrated with web browser. I really dint find this feature much important on browser as compared to others features, but i would say it is good for a change. Scan process can be triggered just without switching the windows and when it is powered by eScan, be assured that speed and commitment of scanning will be efficient.

# Network-Zap : Need to stay connected with social sites likes Facebook,Orkut ? Need to tweet as quick as you can ? Stay connected with Epic and you will make your social life pretty quick. All sidebar feature as very convenient to use, i would say " i love it".
# Snip-It : Just like the name "Snippet", epic really functions nothing less than Snippets. You can highlight text and images and drag and drop the contents on to the sidebar to save the contents which can be viewed later. I found this feature so important and thoughtful. Snippets are not only limited to text and images, but also in the case where you need to store URL's from a Page or pages from all Tabs which are open, just couple of clicks and job done.
# Timeliness : Never miss an appointments and To do's with Epic's advance feature such as To-Do and Timer. Timer is really cool "never seen" feature that ensures a buzz when the time of meet is scheduled. Alert Tone can be set accordingly.
# To Write : I can ensure you that, ones you start using this writer pad, you will forget Notepad and word pad. guess why ? just look at the superb interface of this rick text write pad. Unbelievable. Save-As can be in Html as well, so for all You young Html learners, try this out, it is really-mind boggling.
# Map-Finder : "Can you guide me the route to Panaji" ? oh...cut this out and use Epic. map finder ensures you the whole travel idea to reach to destination. Mention the start and the destination, and then, all you need to do is, "Wait-n Watch". Wow...i just wish if i had this tool with me earlier when i settled from Pune To Goa. i could have cut down my journey little faster than expected. You can find Bus, Car and walking path route from start to destination. i had a try with Pune-Goa and selected a walk as my means of travel,God...3 Days 22 Hours, i guess Mr.Bolt can beat this as well as he did Mr. Powell record on 17th July 2010.
# J-T-G Factor : 3 very important needs of generation, Living & travel, Jobs and Games and Epic has it all. For all job seekers, you can try out your luck while you being browsing.Professionals can check the flight details and kids can find time in playing games.

# Epic - Apps :  All the browsers come up with apps and leading ones are with Mozilla and Chrome. But just because Epic is just launched, don't take it granted as It too has good app collections and being Indian, feel proud about it as even at this very point, the Epic Developers have taken the point of Indians in mind with apps.

# Skins : This trend is pacing and specially when chrome has come up with such a cool theme designs. Epic i feel is more organized with skins and varied options to try out. Not only user friendly, but various groups and sections to choose from, epic is the best with skins.
# About What i feel : I was over-whelmed with the functionality of this browser.I focused on aspects such as  technical, business, social, leisure and layout features and i bet, it is really awesome. Plenty of "never seen features", amazing layout, user Friendliness, Convenient to Social Connections, Easy To Go News, Travel at finger Tip and Information Avast.

# My Rating : 9.5/10 ( Taking into consideration Technical, Business, Social, Leisure and Layout features)

# Installation : ( 10.6 MB)

# Installation help : Epic Team ensures installation in less than 1 min, i can ensure you installation in less than 30 Sec*. My system took, 20 sec for installation. 

*Provided the system is a Good Performer.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Skype - The Unbeatable

Yahoo chat was at it's peak when it was launched in March 9th, 1998 when it was termed as Yahoo! Pager. Till date so many developments have taken place on it and still many people use it for chatting and keeping in touch with people.

Skype was launched in 2003, and by now there have been many people switching up from yahoo to Skype.

Skype is free and simple software that will enable you to make free calls anywhere in the world in minutes. If you are tired of paying outrageous fees for telephony, Skype is for you!.Skype uses innovative P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you with other Skype users. 

Skype is quick and easy to install. Just download it, register, and within minutes you can plug in your PC headset and call your friends on Skype. Skype calls have excellent sound quality and are highly secure with end-to-end encryption. Best of all, Skype does not require you to reconfigure your firewall or router it just works! No wonder there are 23 million people online at peak hours ( Skype Survey ).

Skype introduced video conferencing in the year 2006 but Skype version for video conference on Linux Box came little later in the year 2008. Skype is responsible for 12% share of global international calls thus making Skype is a leading global internet communications company.

# New Features :

  1. HD Video 
  2. Skype Access 
  3. Call Transfer
  4. Call Quality Guide

    # Download :