Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gmail Priority Inbox - Solution for Overloaded Mailbox Issues

This is 300th Post of the blog so thought of dedicating it to World's E-Giant "Google".  Within no time, Gmail has been the most popular email client on the planet and they are back rolling another milestone under their belt, "Gmail Priority Inbox". "Gmail Priority Inbox  works on adaptive algorithm". The idea behind this concept is to filter the emails that are most important to you from the general inbox you receive and to place them into some other window where the views are much clear.

The beauty of the concept is the simplicity. The setup would take less than a minute with just an activation step and you are good to go with priority inbox. 
The system uses many criteria's to decide whether, which messages are most important. Some of the criteria's include, How frequently you open and/or respond to messages from a given sender, how often you read messages that contains keywords etc.

One of the most important feature is that if you come across a message that has been marked important that shouldn't have been, you can hit an arrow a message. On the other hand,if a message that shouldn't have been flagged gets sent to the "Everything Else" area, you can promote it. Gmail gets progressively smarter..LOL :-)

This feature would be available to users within a week's time and can be activated going to "Settings" tab of the Gmail options.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

HTC Tattoo - Choice With Key Value

Looking for a smartphone alone, then i feel HTC Tattoo is one of the option to be considered. Priced at around 12,500 INR this mobile has a poor camera but still i find many good features in this mobile for which i define this mobile to be one of the good options to look upon.

  • Processor : Qualcomm MSM7225, 528 MHz
  • Dimensions : 106 X 55.2 X 14 mm
  • Platform : Android 1.6
  • Memory : ROM ( 512 MB) and RAM(256 MB)
  • Weight : 113 gram
  • Display : 2.8 inch TFT-LCD Touch Sensitive Screen with 240 X 320 QVGA
  • GPS : Yes
  • Bluetooth : Version 2.0 with enhanced Data Rate and A2DP for wireless stereo
  • Connectivity : Wifi ( IEEE 802.11 b/g)
  • Camera : 3.2 MP Color Camera

I first wondered why it was named Tattoo, then realized and explored more. Check this link guys : http://www.garskin.com/htc/design.html 

My Rating : 8/10 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nokia X3 - Turn for 'X'

A non-touch screen slider phone with Music as main feature is all set to catch eye of mobile enthusiastic. Priced at Around Rs.6600, this mobile indeed an all round phone.But i would say it is not for formal end of use. Only music intended people can try this phone out as i feel this phone is little on higher side as compared to some other phones providing much feature than this mobile. 

X3 has 3.2 MP Camera but no flash,3.5 mm jack for headphone and a micro-USB port. The design of this mobile is so cool and bold that it impressed me at first look itself. The edgy look is also complemented with metal keypad that slide out clearly. But the screen disappointed me. On screens left there are some buttons to function music play.

With a backup time of near about 7 hours, this phone has 46 MB internal memory with 2GB expandable using micro-USB card. Supported by WAP, this mobile has no real back bone for web kit facility. Nevertheless, i still fell this mobile lacks more web-Bone.

My Rating : 6/10 ( Reason being that it doesn't have 3G,GPS, Wi-Fi and more importantly Screen is too small for that cost)

Friday, August 20, 2010

FireTrust Mail Washer - Scrap off Spam

Spam,Spam and Spam. Its everywhere. And such an annoying factor in IT. Check out the new upgrade of Mail Washer Pro.
This Program allows users to view the messages that are on the various email accounts, before tou can actually download them on your computer. You can either delete or return the un needed letters back to the sender with the message of your own.

This software provides access to POP3,IMAP4,SMTP,Web mails and WAP using SSL, also provides content filtering and attachment malware checking.

One of the very good features i would like to make note of is, it works with multiple domains and you can create automated replies notifications by SMS. Available anti-virus plug-ins from McAfee and F-Secure.
  1. Preview all the messages before downloading.
  2. delete unwanted emails before downloading the whole message. Search of email by sender,subject and attachment is also an option.
  3. Blacklist any emails you wish are not secure enough
  4. friend-list features filters the mails received from your known friends. You can also hide your friends from the screen to easily identify the spam.
  5. Filtering of emails in to groups is also an advantage of this tool.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HTC Wildfire - Connecting Social Hub

HTC Wildfire tagged "Bring Your Friends To You" is very much a truth. This phones allows all the feeds from social sites such as twitter, Facebook and Flickr updates in one shot. Update the social status and also arrange the groups as per your standards. Just in quick statement " Your friends would be much closer this time".....

Some of the features are just too exciting so i thought i would analyze this mobile just in simple featured way. When someone calls you, this mobile wont simply tell name and number but also update you with their Facebook status and birthday countdown too. Android Market is really booming up with so many apps and games. Why not to inform friends and closed ones about the same. Just a quick zap and links could be made to reach to many people to try out the same.

Finding the groups of friends is no more tough ask. Just navigate from the home screen and you can email and text them in the smoothest way.

Default with Android 2.1 O.S, this mobile has 5 MP camera and with 2591 X 1944 PX , auto focus and LED flash. Geo tagging and Smile detection are some of the other features. Having ROM 512 Mb and RAM 384 MB, HTC wildfire supports up to 32 GB micro-SD expandable option.

Network connectivity is not only limited to GPRS but extends to also EDGE ( 560 Kbps speed of download),3G(@ 7.2 MBPS download speed),WLAN ( Wifi 802.11 b/g) and Bluetooth. It also has V2.0 USB slot for data transfer.

HTC wildfire provides talk time up to 240 Mins. and standby time up to 120 Hours. I was completely impressed by the full flash support for online videos, pinch-to-zoom page resizing and auto rotation from portrait to landscape view ,features of this mobile. One of the another feature that impressed me was the dimmable light in case you are not able to track anything fallen down.

With build in Microsoft exchange support, sync with mail client is so simple. With just a simple sync, you might get all corporate directory details on your handheld set. Cut down on storage of these details now. Also, get all news around the globe delivered right to the palm..

My Rating : 8.5/10

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini pro : Hottest Launch of The Month

This is the first phone i had to wait until i get to see it by myself. With loads of hurdles and hassles, i finally got the opportunity to check this miniature mobile. I was just impressed with the feel of the mobile itself. Such a classic example of "Miniature Mobile".

The style followed now is more-o less similar to Motorola's slider phones but i think this one is having the crisp finish and QWERTY keyboard fitted in the best and most compact manner you can ever find in this range.

This 123 gm phone has dimensions of  90 X 52 X 17 mm running on Android Platform. Having an ultra compact body, this phone though has less colors to make options from. Red,White and Black are the only options. Nevertheless, the color wont really matter when this phone is extremely eye-catchy.

This mobile supports 128 MB Micro-SD card expandable to 16 GB. Under GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks, this mobile provides 4 Hour of talk time and 300 Minutes of standby time. 5 MP camera is what this mobile pro offers with Geo tagging facility to tag the location where the image was taken. photo flash and Auto focus being some other photo facilities available in this phone. Off course needless to mention this phone is also equipped with video recording as well. Having a display of 2.55 " touchscreen with V 1.6 of android, this mobile provides a Cool Display. Four corner home screen, Auto Rotate Features and QWERTY being some of the features. Speaking about the connectivity, this phone has micro USB connector, NeoReader barcode Scanner, 3.5 mm Audio Jack, WisePilot Turn-By-Turn navigation,GPS and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g.

Unfortunetly, this phone doesn't support smart dialing. :-( . 

My Rating : 8/10 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

IT Alert - How We Contribute To The Nation?

Firstly i would wish all my Indians, a very Happy independence day. Let pledge that we would live with harmony and peace with no distinction in religions and communities.Let Indian and Indians Rock.

I was wondering what different we can contribute every day for the nation.Many people see technology as a solution to some of the problems that exist on our planet.It is very fact that technology can be used to challenge the problems but at the same time its been used as a overhead. If asked a question, how we can contribute in IT to help nation ? well answer is simple. After reviewing year 2009-2010, i have focussed more on 3 major topics that have governed Indian instability drastically along with some major other issues.But for me, the following 3 topics are hot topics this year.I have also featured some points that i think we can contribute to nation growth.

# E-Waste : Identify and Keep Informed

With grown of PC technologies, many outdated hardwares have been kept in dump in India. Ever anyone has thought, where do we dump any old parts of the system which is not in use now? Do we really care to find the right manner to dispose it? 

Studies have proven that around 2 million numbers of E-Waste products are collected in India every year. Also manufacturers and assemblers add-in 1200 tons to the electronic scrap. Not only the fact that scarred India is, if we continue in this manner, India would be in the state of investing in E-Waste management than actually focusing on development.

E-Waste is not only the culprit of above factor , but also health issue so in-sync.Average toxic waste in a computer is around 31gm.The image below provides more information of the most toxic elements of the computer and their effects on the health.

E- Waste with no doubt is world's most growing municipal waste and we need to act with tact.Asia estimates 12 million tons of e-waste every year and India contributes to major part of it. Globalization,High obsolesce Rate, Inability of technology to support up-gradation are some of the major issues that lead to e-waste. i wonder if we pace up like this, after some years  the situation will be just too worse. In India , Delhi, Hyderabad,Bangalore and Mumbai are major contributers to e-waste. It doesn't mean that these are not only the places which are major places to highlight, each state in India is responsible. Majority of e-waste are been exported to India by many asian nation due to cheap manual. I wonder if we really dont care about this, it would be terrible environmental state in India.

Truth is, that waste isn’t going away just because we need to know every way to dispose e-waste in very proper manner. Putting in the garbage box doesnot solve this issue, it would be landing somewhere in land-fill and it will site there for years casuing hazardous issues to human health.

How can we help : 
  1. Firstly , identify the e-waste in you residence and in case of disposal, ensure that the e-waste is diverted to special recycling station by the municipal people. Don't mix with dry and wet waste of the home.
  2. e-waste is a becoming such a large problems and to tackle the same many non-profit organizations have taken involvement to help people to dispose these e-waste from the residents. at the corporate level, many private firms take interest in collecting e-wastes from the corporate firms and ventures.
  3. Identify and inform others regarding the e-wastes via web portals, blogs which are the cost-efficient mediums of the information sharing.If we, the bloggers pledge to make a note of each disposal centers in India closest to our city, it will help so many people.
  4. Donate the parts/system in case you are upgrading your system. Many schools in rural areas are technology-hungry and why not to help them? Pass on your systems to these young generations so that instead of lying at home/office it will used by school children's in remote parts of India.
I hope you will consider one of this option to dispose your e-waste. Remember, we need to act quick until the tons increase to higher uncontrollable rate.

# Green Computing : The "Green" Living Ideas

Green Computing is the relationship between the physical computer and its impact to the environments in which it moves through from cradle to grave.Majority of Indian crowd uses CRT monitors still. And lately, many have switched to LCD monitors.But thinking about the people who still use CRT, let us derive the energy consumption below:

  • Average CRT Power Consumption Per Day : 100 W
  • Average CPU Power Consumption Per Day :  80 W
  • Average CRT and CPU Power Consumption Per Day(8 Hour/Day) : 1440 W
  • Average CRT and CPU Power Consumption Per Week (Office:5 days/week) : 7200 W
Now imagine any school,college with at least 10 computer labs and having 10 computers each. Power consumption is just too much right? Switch to LCD monitors is always a better option provided one has thought of the old CRT system recycling technique. LCD monitors use 40 W power consumption which makes the calculations less as compared to the CRT stats.

I suggest following Techniques to Save System Power Consumption:

  1. Use hardware with Energy Star labeled.Energy Star is a "Seal of Approval" by EPA ( Energy Star Organization of the government)
  2. Turn off the computer when not in use.
  3. Do not user Screen savers.
  4. Don't keep computer on whole night for downloading.Just in case you want to download something urgent then keep a auto-shutdown timer on the computer. Firefox provides plugin for the download-complete and then shutdown option as well.One of the free shut down timer can be downloade from here.
  5. If you are suing Vista machines, it has many power saving options to choose from. Use it, it really works.Power meter is another widget that can define the CPU consumption and you can estimate the work the CPU does.
  6. CO2SAVER is a program that is compatible with XP and Vista which prevents and monitors co2 emission when system is idle.
  7. Use LCD's instead of CRT.
  8. Disable unnecessary motherboard options ( Advance Users Only )
  9. Disable unused hardware from the device manager.
  10. close the events in th systems that are not being used. Don't run more and unnecessary programs.
  11. Save Paper Prints. In case of Printing, use Duplex printing. Please don't print drafts. In case drafts are important, make sure both the sides are used.
  12. Worried about messing with power settings ? I have an alternative. Local Cooling is a software utility that will optimize your computer power consumption by using more effective power save mode. It will also keep showing how many trees you have saved using this tool.
  13. Kindly put of the Wireless Network in case not in use on laptop.
  14. Use power settings of laptop to tune as per the use ONLY.

# Indian Women/Ladies - Victim of "Cyber Stalks

I hope most of you must be aware of the term "Cyber Stalk". I have been asked many times why womens suffer the most online? With growth in technology, the cyber crimes and victimization of womens have grown up to peaks. I have now jotted down the various terms that lead to such act.

Cyber Stalking is a defined as planned and featured mean to follow and pursue a person online and to intrude into privacy of the person; and its a severe crime. Indian law strictly defines set of laws for this type of act but it is only the question we need to be aware of it first.

The targets of cyber stalkers are mainly womens, gals and emotional people.Cyber stalkers  use "cyber" as a medium because they cannot be really affected by physical world. But its is not difficult to track them out. I would say, instead of tracking them, its better to be  SAFE and NOT to be victim of such crime. 

Fact : Cyber Stalkers can be of ANY GENDER and women are 75% victims of Cyber Stalk.

What motivates Cyber Stalkers are  the following points below
  1. Sexual Harassment : The most common experience of Cyber Stalker is the Sexual Harassment of Women.
  2. Love : Meeting Up Online, Chatting, Friendship and Love, the four golden steps to Love Online and finally leading to Cyber Stalking. This point can also lead to sexual harassments. many people use social networking medium as well to have a follow to their target and when in range, the game begins of torturing.
  3. Revenge : It is most common that "Tit-For Tat" is most commonly used medium to take revenge and Cyber Stalker know this very well. These people are cyber aware people who tune up when the revenge time needs to be going up. They can set up the trap and be guaranteed, if not acted with mental calmness and stability, you can be trapped easily.
Fact  : Most of the Cyber Stalkers are Mentally ill and can go up to any extreme..beyond their comfort zone.

he targets of cyber stalkers are mainly womens, gals and emotional people.Cyber stalkers  use "cyber" as a medium because they cannot be really affected by physical world. But its is not difficult to track them out. I would say, instead of tracking them, its better to be  SAFE and NOT to be victim of such crime. 

How to tackle this issue ?
  1. Don't respond to any emails whose sender details are not known to you. Either mark them junk or delete them. In case of recurring, add a filter by finding common pattern.
  2. Don't disclose your identity on social networking sites.
  3. Don't upload photographs and don't send email with photos attached, until you trust the receiver.
  4.  Don't disclose personal details online such as blogs,web portals, social networking sites, messenger or sms.
  5. don't join any "Friendship Club". It is risky.
  6. Don't chat to unknown people and dont be victim of cyber stalking.
  7. don't be part of cyber defamation. It's a cyber crime.
  8. most of the techniques used are praising gals, talking sweetly, defining high career goals etc. Beware.Don't be a victim of cyber trap
  9. Do not send across MMS or self pictured videos to anyone via mobile until receiver is trustworthy person.
  10. Don't seek love Online. It can be risky. You might be betting on your identity.
  11. Morphing can be one of the means to mentally weak women. Ensure, that in case you are uploading the snaps on Facebook or Orkut or any website for instance, have a distacnt snap and not a snap in whcih face can be easily cropped. In recent times, one of the school [ name not discolsed] in delhi, suffered with same issue. One sutdent when got harrased with his classmate and to revenge, he took snaps of his classmates and teaches and morphed them into porn photo's that lead to web-mess. Only after one parent saw and took action to inform police, lead to issue to settled.
  12. be socially secured. Value identity not Pride.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Micromax Fans wont have to wait for longer time as W900 is already in market.The W900 phone is equipped with Voice Assisted GPS navigation and Windows 6.1 platform. Well sounds interesting? Then you need to read ahead with its mind-boggling specifications. 

I am sure it will excite you as well.This WiFi 802.11b/g equipped phone has 2 MP camera which i feel is really sufficient.With a talk time of 5 hours and stand by time up to 480 hours, this handset has internal memory of 128 MB with expansion available up-to 16 GB via Micro SD card. 113 gm mobile has dimension of 112*55*14.2mm with 460MHz Processor speed.

The display is 262K, 8.1cm WQVGA ideal for MapMyIndia features and Multi Format Music Player playing MP3, AMR, MIDI, WMA.

My Rating : 7.5/10

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Samsung C3300- A Low Cost Touch Screen Mobile

Samsung Mobiles have announced their latest low cost touchscreen phones. Not many people must be knowing that Samsung C3300K is one of the cheapest mobile in touchscreen   features.What more one can expect at a very profitable price and 2.4inch screen is really worth.Measured as 96.3 X 53.8 X 13 mm and with available flavors in deep black, Expresso Brown,Sweet Pink and Chic White. Samsung C3300 is a perfact pocket-sized mobile with 30mb internal memory storage and extend-able upto 8GB with micro-SD. Weighing 80gm, this mobile has GPRS,EDGE, and Bluetooh 2.1 with A2DP support and other features include social net-browsing.
Features Of Samsung C3300:
  • 1.3 Mp Camera
  • 3D Sound Effects
  • Build In FM Radio
  • USB Support
  • TouchWiz Lite
  • Accessibility to Samsung Apps
  • Talk Time upto 12 Hours
  • Stand By Time upto 660 Hours
  • 3 x 3 widget menu of user interface

Cost :
5,000/- INR
My Rating : 8/10

    Monday, August 9, 2010

    Samsung Galaxy : "Its Rockie"

    Just was waiting to see a nice portal untill i got stuck with this One..Samsung Galaxy Portal.Well just too good. I wonder now all the phones which are upcoming have Android OS. The switch is definitely good and worth it. Many of mobile enthusiastic feel its an i Pod due to its slim and lightweight physic and Metallic Finish.

    Galaxy is lightweight and slim handset with dimensions of 64.2 X 122.4 X 9.9 mm and 119gm.With a WVGA 4.0 " screen display, and 16M Super Amoled mDNle, this phone seems to catch attention in stores.With a talk time of 750 Mins.(2G) and 391 Mins.(3G), it lacks no talk-ability and use of hours.

    5 MP camera is ideal for the shoot out along with HD video player and recorder @ 30 F.P.S. It is also inclusive of common features like Self Shot, Action Shot,Add Me, Cartoon Shot and Smile Shot.Both, photo and video session can be carried out with rapid pace.So if you are an adventurous person, you might have a choice. Qik Video and Swype are some of the pre-apps in the mobile.Social Networking is also a part but i hav not taken this feature in mind for judging this cell as lately many phones have channeled Social Networking as Part of Mobile.

    Models are available ranging from 8GB and 16 GB memory with provision to expand up to 32 GB via Micro SD card. This 1 GHz Processor speed mobile is known for its TouchWiz 3.0 which is evolution of new Samsung's GenX .

    My Ratings : 7.5/10 

    Saturday, August 7, 2010

    Motorola DROID x - A Battle with iPhone 4

    We must have heard too many iPhone news these year and why shouldn't it be? These two phones are the most hot products this season and each one battling out to outreach other. I thought to have cross competition with them and here is what i have for you.

    • General:   3G, Android Platform 2.1, CDMA, Touch Tablet
    • Physical: TFT, 4.3 WVGA Screen, 155 gm Weight, 65.5 x 127.5 x 9.9 mm with internal antinna
    • Power:  Upto 480 Mins.
    • Music:  AAC, H.263, H.264, MP3, MPEG-4, WAV, eAAC+, WMA v10, MIDI, AAC+
    • Video: HD 720p quality (1280x720p resolution) up to 24 fps capture; up to 30 fps playback
    • Camera: 8 MP with Digital Zoom along with image editing tools
    • Connectivity : Bluetooth, Web Browser, Synchronization, Wifi, USB 2.0, WLAN, DLNA
    • Google : Gmail, Google Calender,Contact Sync,Latitude,Maps,Treet View,Maps,Map Navigation, Quick Search, Talk,You Tube
    • Technology : 8 GB on board, 16 GB micro-SD pre-installed
    • Messaging: Email, MMS, Predictive Text, Voice Mail
    • Calling : Caller ID, Advance Speech Recognizability, Conference Calling, Noise Reduction, 8 GB on board, 16 GB micro-SD pre-installed
    Price : < I will Reveal it Soon >

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    Twitter By E-Mail : Easy on Go

    I was wondering how can i stick to one application and can tweet others. Off course there can be many options but i would say Email is one of the most common. Many of co-operates wish have Outlook configured and how about Tweeting Via Outlook? Sounds Interesting ?

    TweetByMail connects your Twitter accounts with your inbox. Send and receive tweets with Outlook, Gmail, or any Mobile Phone world-wide.Many of us must be aware of twitter via SMS and many options are available so i will skip this section and only speak about Email Tweet.

    Tweet Deck is one of my very favorite and i just love the interface that it provides; Simple,Easy and Most Efficient UI.But just for a change, i thought i would try this one.

    TweetByMail uses Twitter authorization, so you don't have to fill out even one form. Complete the steps  and ultimately account Control Panel will be displayed.You'll see your Twitter account listed. Follow the second tab for "Email Addresses" and enter the address at which you want to receive updates. 

    Check Inbox(Or Spam) and click the verification link.Back at the control panel, underneath your Twitter account you'll see your unique TweetByMail email address for working with that account. It will look something like XYZ12@tweetbymail.com. Now Go to the third tab, marked "TweetByMail Updates", to set-up receiving tweets by email. First, check "On", your verified email address will be the only one listed, and choose how often you want these updates to be sent. Sadly updates are only 500 Emails per week for free users. i think they are pretty enough quota for a week.

    My Ratings : 6/10 

    Twitter Cost : " Should i Follow ? "

    Twitter has been such a revolution in technology and like expected, it's just superb. I usually tweet using Tweet Deck or Web, but i have no complaints about any tool as each twitter tool has its own pros and cons. Sometimes a question arise when many people send across follow requests and we are in state of thought whether we should/shouldn't follow him/her. I think i have a solution to this problem.But please don't use this with friends or relatives.LOL... :-

    FollowCost, the ideal solution to find profit of following. It takes less than a mminute to get the details of Average Updates,Recent Updates and @ Replies which have twitted up.

    When you click "Tweet This Follow Cost" then it takes you to twitter account to tweet "@prajyotm has a follow cost of 18.2 milliscobles. http://followcost.com/prajyotm"

    Finally i thought i would try out to compare with some Bollywood industrial giants and so i did...I have reason for "why i selected these giants"

    1. Shreya Ghoshal : Very Responsive Tweets, Very Often User of Twitter

    2. Priyanka Chopra : Better re-Tweets, Mentions and Huge Fan Followers

    3. Amitabh Bacchan: Follower listings In bulk, Cool Tweets
    Basically these names also helped me to check how Follow Cost really work and you can really see, the grading also changes with the features i mentioned of Tweet Cost above.
    Well i forgot to mention one more category, in fact its not a category, its more of BASE category. Check it Out.And Please,donnot stop following the person in case you are not happy with the stats...LOL :-)

    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Blackberry Pearl 3G - A Cool Set To Hang Out With

    The other day i went to check out some range of new handsets and as a craze, i prompted " Blackberry Please" and he said "hmmm" and got me Blackberry Pearl 3G. I was very sure that i had to read through the catalog as most of the sales people know two things when they sell <1> "Oh yeah...its good, and we have cheaper ones also. <2> " dont worry sir, this cell wont trouble you a lot. It has all the features you want".The second statement always gets me into state of confusion that how they really know what we expect from Mobile Phone. In my life, i have found many good sales vendors who really has answers to stock they have. And the thing that is appreciated is the Knowledge they excel into.Now heading to Tech specs of this mobile.
    # Physical Stats: 108mm X 50mm X 13.3mm and Weight of 93 gm
    # Features: 3G Network Support, Sure Type Technology, Simultaneous voice and Data Transfer, IM, Blackberry Messenger
    #Display : Resolution 360 X 400 px,Light Sensing Screen, Backlighting, User Selectable font size
    # Camera & Recording :  3.2MP camera, 2.5x Digital Zoom, Video Recording.
    # Media Player: Video:MPEG4,H.263,H.264,WMV3 Audio : MP3,AMR-NB,AAC-LC, AAC+,EAAC+,Flac,ogg Vorbis
    # Battery Life: Talk Time : 5 Hours, Standby Time : 18 Days
    # Memory : 2 Gb Media Card, Micro-SD expandable to 32 GB
    #Connections : Wifi,Bluetooth V2.1

    My Rating : 8/10