Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Avast Antivirus : Be free

Well just inspired with the new logo...!! Avast actually has been booming the computer world with this edition release. Wondering how it can tackle "Be Free" Strategy delivering best IT security services. So i thought lets explore the features...

Many people still do not use antivirus, and for those, i would recommend this antivirus per sure. Till now the site has registered more than 100 million registration and still going. Definitely my hit also must have got counted...Lol...taking a serious note, this antivirus is fully loaded with some of the common antivirus features( As it should be) but lacks the following

# Ensure All mails sent and Received are clean : Well though this feature is more prominent in paid version of Avast Internet security, i really dint feel was "defining" feature, as now a days all mail clients provide incoming virus check for downloads. Well only issue is sending, which can be taken care of local antivirus system

Protection from Chat Infections : Its a good feature and i really tried it working with, found it cool and was not downgrading performance of system.

# Protects Browser Suspicious Websites: Google Chrome has this cool feature and Avast providing this feature would be like add-on on any system. Yeah for non chrome people, this is a good feature to try out.

My Rating As Compared With Top Antivirus : 5.5/10
My Rating As Compared To Free Antivirus : 9/10

Monday, June 21, 2010

ConsumerMate: Keeping Up the Pace

Digit is India’s "Ranked One" technology magazine in India has now launched an online shopping portal called http://shopping.thinkdigit.com offering  huge collection of electronic gadgets and accessories purchase in the online secured manner online. 

Abut Consumermate.com

Are you confused while making a buying decision about electronic gadgets? If you think you need an expert to help you in the right purchase of gadget,then just relax and visit the portal www.consumermate.com

Consumermate is ready to use from the very first UI and is especially designed to meet the growing requirement of the technology market. Consumermate is an ideal solution for all gadget purchases who wish to seek guidance before purchasing gadgets and also for those, who wish to read reviews about the products.

If one is worried of the UI of Consumer mate, then be least bothered bot it as Consumermate is designed to satisfy needs of both: a professional user and a novice for whom the simplicity is the main factor.Well featured with varies products ranging from mobiles,LCD/Plasma, TV's,Digital Camera and Camcorders. Soring option helps one to have a generalized search according to needs of the person.

This powerful and highly customizable portal is integrated with the latest  innovations, such as Hot Deals, Laptop Guru, Test Center Reviews, File Complains and Ask Experts.Such features make this portal to boost the purchase time and maximizes time spend in offshore phone reviews. Portal UI is so such simple to use that it provides real time experience of the product reviews.

Various discount rates on the products allows some lucky winners to win big prizes, but this is nothing compared to the plethora of information and reviews about the product this portal provides customers. This information is shared by none other than Digit Tech Team, ensuring Tech-Trust amongst people

Abut Shopping.thinkdigit.com

This "best in the business" portal ensures no single time gets wasted the moment you kick off to search the desired product.I can ensure that consumermate provides information that is easy-to-follow and extremely thorough with technical specifications.What one needs to do is just choose from pool of search results.

 Think Digit's shopping site provides real time information about new releases of mobile phone handset as well as digital cameras. Check some of the best mobile products http://www.consumermate.com/mobile-phones.html and digital cameras at  http://www.consumermate.com/digital-cameras.html. If you are looking for a shop which offers you variety of options with respect to technology gadgets, then i would recommend this site per sure. 

The ease of use, advanced navigation, advanced search tool allows for quick and easy search to find electronics and gadgets according to price range, brands, special deals, new releases. Customer satisfaction being the priority, there is not minimum order limitation of purchase of products online. Thinkdigit Shopping offers a “No Questions asked Return Policy” for any products within 7 days of their receipts.

So stay tuned with india's Most sensational Launch of this season equipped with enormous tech specified shopping in india http://shopping.thinkdigit.com

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Converting VHS to DVD

why spend Rs.200/- to convert to DVDs when you can do it by yourself? Sounds interesting...? well i have seen many people spending hundreds of Rs. in converting their VHS to DVD's and i feel that is not really required when we ourselves can do it. Check it out the method to do it :

Head-start Requirements :

1. Patience
2. Little computer knowledge
3. A good PC ( 1GB RAM, 250 GB HDD as Minimum Requirement ]

Capturing and digitizing video is similar to copying VHS tapes. You plug colored wires into the video source – your video player and tape or movie camera. The other ends of the wires go to the back of your computer, into the video capture card, usb port, or firewire port.

Capturing Needs

There are many ways to convert VHS-DVD. but i will give a simple way.
To copy VHS tapes to DVD, you will need video editing software that can capture analog video, edit the video, and burn (publish) the video to a final format, such as a DVD.

According to me CyberLink PowerDirector is really a good Choice.This tool is really strong with all three aspects of video namely capturing, editing and burning.

Special Features of Cyber Link Power Director

  • Direct upload to YouTube and Facebook
  • Particle Effects
  • SD to HD up-scaling
  • Impressive list of output formats, including files for your iPhone, PSP, PS3, Xbox, and Zune
  • Automated “Magic” Editing Tool
  • Audio and Photo editing
  • Disc Creation

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

iPAD-Who should buy ?

The other day i got a very craze to goto apple outlet to check the iPad. But dint recollect it was a Sunday and finally landed back home with disappointment.

Firstly lets discuss about the serious part of iPad in case if anyone is willing to buy ( I will, but when apple comes out with Flat 50% Sale.. LOL )

The high-resolution, 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS display on iPad is remarkably crisp and vivid.If you are one who likes web browsing, Viewing videos and Movies or pictures,well this is a right choice for you. It’s designed to show off your content in portrait or landscape orientation with every turn.with a 178 degree viewing angle, it makes visibility just a perfect blend.

The multi touch screen on iPad is same as that on iPhone but the larger iPad surface makes iPad precise and responsive. So whether you are using the iPad as Viewing Video or Pictures, interactivity is just superb and accurate.

1.5 Pounds and 0.5 Inch Thin..i really don't think we can expect better feel than this. And we have 10 Hour backup for the iPad which makes it more ideal on the Go. Integrated WiFi and 3G makes iPad a superior Choice.

Well now lets join the special research study( with due respect to Apple iPad)

P.S : Don't think this is a serious act. This is just an element of Humor.