Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cool Hotmail Launched...!!

I browsed through the MSN India Home Page,and I spotted a new service by Microsoft called Cool Hotmail. If you are bored of your Windows Live Hotmail (formerly MSN Hotmail) and want to add a unique domain name in your email id, then CoolHotmail is for you.
How about or or!

Cool Hotmail lets you create email accounts with a large variety of custom domain names. They have .com and .in domain names. There are 5 broad categories to choose from.

Where you live - you can grab
Who you like - show your celebrity fan status - get
Who you are - You like dating, try
What you like - Love playing tennis, get
Random - choose other random domain name emails like etc.

Actually i thought of creating one ID for me..but i already beeen using MSN mail from past 10yrs,so din make a new one.But to know new features of it,i told my bro to get a hang of it,they said it was superb...