Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rules..!! cricket ka superhit formula

Finally board of cricket in india,have come up with good cricketing rules,and have planned to stress more on cricket rathar than money skills.
Mr.Ravi Shastri was nominated as new coach of team india.But the suprise decision was when BCCI nominated V.prasad as bowling coach and Robin singh as coach of fielding.
Also decided in meeting which lasted for more than 2 1/2 hrs,came upto the conclusion that money system will be based on performance only,rathar than the grading system as X,Y,and Z.Adding to this rule,also decided that special bonus will be awarded to each team member for winning the series.

Well personally i feel,this is a good move towards betterment of cricket and i also support,an indian coach for indian team.I feel more importance will now be given to playing cricket and not to money making business.

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Aditi said...

let's hope that something improves...