Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well...this is a funny reality,the distance of my college to my home is around 45Km's.So obviously its the distance i travel almost daily.So if we go by time taken to cover 45 Km's,its approx 1hr and at the most 1.30mins.

Till date i knew march is a summer season.but 24th march proved it absolutly wrong.

It proved that march is a rainy season.ha ha ha..

it took me literaly 3 hrs to travel from shiroda to panaji with a normal speed of 40km/hr.

i had to wait in one of the hilly region called as farmagudi for almost 1.20hrs just because of continuos rain.and wat was more funny was i had nope raincoat.

here is the day's snapshot..!!!


I D r i S H said...

well who cud have had a blast that day...!!! the guy in the pic is me, a very entertaining and unforgetful day ...i enjoyed it though next two days my body demanded my

Anonymous said...

nice to hear from you
i am back now to my blogging..

enjoy the rains friend,

take care ,