Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tech Gifts For Valantine?? Check This Out

Therez been so consitency in gifts during valentine,so i decided to post one on same,but in Tech Typo..!! meaning i am not goint to speak about 14Feb,but yeah,something related to gifts on 14Feb but w.r.t Technology..!!Personally i have not been so facinated about this day,but yeah,i love to see when people enjoy this day,after all we all are under one Sky

Every Person finds a gal down the time line,either business oriented type like interior decor,archtect etc,Glamourous type may be fashin designer or very simple type may be bank women etc.

now lets talk about the gits which one can gift them on V-Day

1.Business Women:

For that All-Business woman who knows what she wants and how to get it here’s what i sugguest...!!!

Nokia E-63 is the lower editon of the latest E71,but its really classical phone for business womens,with 2 MP camera,QWERTY Keyboard,and absolutly funly colors and large display supporting emails facility and internet browsing with wider screen and to keeo touch with latest news and keeping in touch with business deals and contacts


2.Glamorous Type Womens

Nokia 7610 Supernova i would say is one of the best choice i would sugguest for womens under this grouping.

Basically womens under this group like just 3 features,camera MP,Music and Cool looks
and this phone had all the 3 important features.The 7610 slider with its 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, media and FM player as well as its TV out capability gives a multimedia categorization in a sleek.


3.Simple Womens:

Nokia E51 i would say is one of the new phones and finest phone i have come across.Well,it actually would even suite glamourous diva's but i would put it under simple womens group.It's got 2 Mp camera,with 4X digital Zoom,and with common features like bluetooth,Built in WLAN,and many more.

Though i am not sure of the current price of this model but my rough guess would be somewhere close to 13,000/-*.


Hemanth Potluri said...

dude my wallet is not so fat :P..


prajyot said...

well well...whats bigger gift than "Valentine"..this was just an "Add on"...

IDriSh LAxmIdHAR said...

nokia e 51 is 11.5 k.

what gift you givin your valentine??

V. Archana said...

hmm..nice review..
so..hw many gals are gettin these spl gifts from prajyot,ahh?? ;)

Diana said...

Cool gadgets....which one are u gifting ur valentine??

prajyot said...

@ idrish

thanks buddy...good to c your comments after so many dyas..keep blogging regularly..we all miss you...!!

well i guess my valentine already has one why give new? he he

prajyot said...

@ archana

thanks for your comments,well dont you think if instead of me giving them,they also can give me??

meaning why GUYS----GIFT-----> GALS

and why now GALS----GIFT----->GUYS?
he he

prajyot said...

@ diana
thanks diana for your comments,well actually my valentine has already got one simple phone,so i m thinking,not to spend more on phone,insted i wil tell her to give me one..!!! change of trends in valentine gift format

he he

IDriSh LAxmIdHAR said...

i blog from wordpress now...

Aneesh said...

Nice options.. I guess, you've omitted the old buddies...
How about n73?