Sunday, May 3, 2009

Secure Registry Access..!!! (Method 1)

Many of us must have suffered from a problem where in Regedit is Blocked.We get error something like in the picture shown below. I had faced the same issue when i was attacked by brontok some months back.

Once your regedit is disabled, it could be infected by virus and it stops you for accessing it. Also If your folder option is gone, this may also infected by virus one of those viruses is brontok which stops you to accessing system exe files such as regedit.exe, msconfig.exe etc.. once you try to run these .exe's files the virus restart your pc and this make us mad.

Gocch..!! Believe me this attack by brontok was really horrifying..!! He he

Reg2exe is a free and small tool that creates an EXE file from a registration (.reg) file. By executing the exe file, all settings within the reg file will be imported to the the windows registry. There are advantages in using the built-in Windows reg files or the exe file created by reg2exe.

Steps to follow are so simple that even a laymen can follow it.Just download this free tool and run it.Click on the register button and R-click on .reg file and select “convert to exe”.

Download Link:

In my next Post i will be showing a better method than this which i would say requires little more knowledge about System Registry..!! so keep visiting..!!


Hemanth Potluri said...

thnks for the info bro..i was just wondering how i screwed my register in xp :)..


prajyot said...

@ Hemu

well thanks hemu for your comments...

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Mariam said...

kewl post,keep blogging.I am waiting for your next post now.So when will you post it?

yamini meduri said...

I never crossed this prob,i hope i never comeacroos too..!!!

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prajyot said...

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Thanks a lot mariam....thanks for visiting and surely i will be posting the next post soon

prajyot said...


Thanks a lot for your comments and believe me this problem really creates huge issues...but now u can be aware of this problem and execute steps

Mr Keshav said...

Very good blog.Well done my boy.Keep going.