Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Webcam ? I have a Solution

Webcame has really made the communicaion easier. For the people in india to the world and for the world to india..!! well..its really fun to have a webcam besides your PC/Laptop.

But hardly people use webcam or own webcam.Chill now..i have a solution for all the people who don't own a webcam.

1. How to Use it ?

Download the .sis file and use this application after setup installation.
As soon as you start the MobCam application on your mobile, you’ll be able to begin on-line watching of the mobile camera shots on this web site. All you have to do is enter the number you see on the mobile display into the CODE field.

2.Installation and Setup

After automatic installation, you have to perform a very simple application setup. MobCam can operate in three various modes:

# Periodical sending: The mobile phone takes pictures periodically (e.g. every minute), sending them immediately to www.mobcam.cz where you can look at them.

# Motion detection: At the moment of any motion being detected in front of the mobile camera lens, results in the MobCam application taking a picture and sending it immediately to the server at www.mobcam.cz.

#SMS detection: The application takes no pictures. At the moment an SMS with a set password is received, MobCam takes a picture and sends it to the server at www.mobcam.cz.

Select from the application menu to choose one of the modes. The “SMS” mode can operate even when the other two modes have been activated. MobCam is started at the moment you select “Start” from the menu. After that, the display will show a number (CODE); enter this number on the web site at www.mobcam.cz and then you can start watching the images from your mobile camera.

3.View Cam

Only the people with the knowledge of your numeric code (CODE) can look at the pictures from your mobile WEB camera.Share this code for comments and views with others.



Being Pramoda... said...

i'm hoocked up to the interest which u show in bringing awareness in ur readers with such an infirmative posts..

please, next time could u write about avoiding hacking ..??

Thank You Prajyot..

prajyot said...

@ Pramoda

Thats for the sweet comment..!! sure i will write that post...

indeed thanks to you to show such a nice interest in technology and i will surely post next on hacking awareness..!!

V. Sai. Archana said...

hey.. i dinno that. good info...

Hemanth Potluri said...

yeah i once tried with the moto rocker :)..it worked fine :)..


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