Sunday, January 17, 2010 : The Smart Way of Shopping

# The Concept :

If you’re a going to buy an electronic product, I am sure you will do a lot of survey to gather more information from your local city. Why not to make this information available by just a few clicks? Simple steps and all you can get is complete unbiased information, reviews and product lists. Complete listings of products and their reviews that help one to choose best products available in the market.

# The Idea : is one such website launched by the 9.9 Media group that owns India’s number one Tech Magazine, Think Digit. During its initial stages of launch, it only offered reviews of laptops and other gadgets assuring that this site had something special to come months down the line. The Designing of this site had been done in such flexibility and user friendliness that it bolts one’s wings to shift from this site.

The site offers a simple search feature that shortlist laptops on the basis on brand, price, screen size and weight. After the customized search is made, you can then view the list of shortlisted laptops with their price and expert ratings, and user ratings. It also featured comparison features between various choices of options.All i can say is Consumermate has a wide collection of laptop Price in India.

This website provides authentic and credible information to users who are in the lookout for the best product available in the market. The test ratings are provided by Digit test centre. You can then compare the shortlisted laptops. You can also get good price offers through the site. Just leave your contact details on the site and 2 to 3 dealers from your city will contact you quoting their price for the laptop you want. Team digit team verifies and test rates these products by themselves providing a trust worthy and unbiased product ratings.

# The Benchmark Upgrade :

Its the feature we were all looking for. " The Mobile Store " . The collection of various mobile handsets such as Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone,Google, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry,  Micromax,  Apple, Chinese Handsets, Motorola , HTC, Fly, Spice, Acer, ASUS, Bleu, Boss, GeePee , Haier, Intex, Karbonn, LG, Magicon, Maxx, Onida ,Panasonic sets the search to wide company oriented diversity.

The search feature in mobile is little different than that in laptop but yet, the UI is the same. The inclusion of this feature has provided a wide rage of shopping experience in electronic domain at consumermate.The search can be made according to the prices and various types of mobiles such as 2-way Slider,candy bar,Slide Slider, Flap, Flip, Bar,Slider,Clamshell.

The option of advance search is also provided for Advanced users who are aware of the model names and their usage domain such as Basic Phone, Business Phone, and multimedia Phone. This feature is really a cool feature to get the selection in best bound level.

Of the searched models, the consumermate site also features sorting methods according to Brand Name, Model, and Price. The price then can be sorted in ascending or descending manner.

Each model can have a product review and user description. The review is supported by Digit Team Test Canter Ratings Depending on features like Build Quality ,  Ergonomics , Performance, Features. As a consumer, one can also submit the reviews of the mobile. This can feature in user review section.

# Simplicity to Enjoy:

To know which phone is better than other and in what way, simply what it takes is 3 Clicks. The feature is one of the finest features and it really smoothen the purchase complexity and confusion amongst buyers. Ones the models are selected, the compare now button does it all the rest. If confused whether you can select more than 2 models then let me tell you, this site is just the best. Not only you can select more than 2 models (up to 5) and in fact, while scrolling down the model search listings, the "Compare Now" button follows your scroll-steps and thus making it easy. The review is just up to the mark and why shouldn't be, after all its team Digit Test Centre who reviews the product.

The compare stat comprises of Comparison features like Physical Stats, Memory, Other Features, Accessories, Camera Specs, Multimedia and Price.
Also, in case if of the selected comparisons, you want to cut down on choices, you can still do it, by a click "Remove Item". 
# Mobile Guru: The Smart Choice Maker 

Mobile Guru is the feature that helps one to make a smart choice in buying a mobile. This features takes a small survey on person's Mobile expectations and price details and as we proceed to no. of questions , the matches found keeps on shortening its listings providing narrow domain to pick one mobile from it.
# The Pulse

The New Launches section has all for the users to look for related to their mobile purchase.
ConsumerMate endeavors to cover all the latest models of Laptops, Mobile phones and LCD/Plasma TVs that are available in the market.

The Hot Deals section is deemed very useful too. It allows users to choose amongst the best offers on the mobiles and then purchase if they are happy with the deals.

The Hot Deals section can get you the best laptop prices and some great deals from online merchants. This is one of the best features i have seen on consumermate.

# Better Suggestion Through "Ask Us "

Not sure about what to buy? Are you not aware of the rates? Do you wish to know the features of mobile? Well then just be glued to consumermate and query all your doubts via "Ask Us". This section provides a channel by which consumers can ask any queries related to "information of mobile" and "To buy a Mobile".

# 7 Reasons to Visit

1. Click a button and all you can get is Complete Information of gadgets.
2. Unleash the experience of online comparisons between various models of gadgets like Mobile, Laptop, camera and LCD/TV.

3. Simplest UI and user friendly nature of the site helps one to get best details about purchase.

4. Expert comments by Team Digit after testing the products at Digit Test Centre.

5. Hot Deals during festive gives the best rates on gadgets.

6. Easy Buy Wizard for buying making your purchase simpler.

7. "Ask Us" Features for all your queries and doubts.

So the next time you want to buy a laptop,LCD/TV or mobile phone, ask Its a best pal at shopping electronic gadgets.


Creativity!! said...

Thanks A Lot For Consumermate Website. Was Not Knowing About This. I Visited This Website. Its Fabulous. Thanks A Lot Prajyot For Sharing This :) :)

Tulika said...

Well.. true.

Going electronic helps a lot.
I've been doing a lot of market research to buy trivial.

prajyot said...

@ Creativity

Thanks for the comments.Indeed its a cool site..!! loads of gadgets..!!

prajyot said...

@ Tulika

Good..i would surely like to see your posting on your research on your blog..!!

david said...

love to see this discussion! It’s great to see you all working through the issues and also, it’s great to see recommendations for testing. In the end, it’s what your actual users do and prefer that should be your biggest driver in making these decisions.

online marketing

prajyot said...

@ David

Thanks for the comments

tim said...

thanks buddy, this is awesome!

prajyot said...

@ Tim

Thanks for your debut visit..

Hope to see you again..

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