Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gmail Backup - Simple Step to Backup Emails

I know many of you must have lost some emails or private data from the email. I feel having a backup of an email is more important on weekly or monthly basis at least.It is sometimes so sad that people say "I lost whole data". Similarly is the case when people try to use Microsoft Outlook to connect to the mail client and they forget about the necessary configuration to backup a copy. About this i will speak down the time but for now, let us more focus on Gmail Backup Utility .

Gmail Backup is the tool that allow Gmail user to regular backup of their mail and restore when necessary. Gmail backup will backup all the mail including the mail information such as labels, date, from and etc.The process might be prolonged depending on the contents and quantity of mails in your mail box.

This utility is available in two flavors namely the windows and Linux. Well don't worry, windows is simpler and all it takes is just a button click. 

Download the utility from : http://www.gmail-backup.com/


Hemanth Potluri said...

is it genuine ..i mean no password hacking with the site right :)..


You Did Whaaat?! said...

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prajyot said...

@ Hemu

Well now a days...whats so secure dude?


prajyot said...

@ You

Well thanks for the visit and i have added you in my list and also following your blog...