Sunday, July 18, 2010

Epic Browser- Indian For Indians

Years passed by and it was the same trend of giant browser clients such as Mozilla,Chrome,IE and Opera. Each of them featured with own features that makes them different from others. But here is one browser that differs from others and being specifically designed for Indians, needless to say by Indian developers.

"Epic Browser" is an internet browser which is based in Mozilla Firefox, which taps severals services to serve relevant contents to users.While using this particular browser, i thought of jotting on some value-added features of this browser:
# We Are India : you really don't have to be English literate to use this browser. You can be from any state with any Indian supportive language such as Hindi,Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil,Telugu, Marathi,Gujarati..and some other international languages.

# Tweaked For Speed : Since it is Mozilla powered, it has a better download speed and faster browser capacity.

# Privacy Matters : Epic is features with "Private Browsing Mode" in which the neither the history, nor the cookies and also cached pages don't get stored. So don't worry of conditions were you need to delete and clear history. This can be activated just by a "Click" of a mouse.

# Note Down Please : Every faced an issue where you need to type down few notes while reading through internet portals.If yes, then definitely Notepad, or hard book must be the option you all choose. Assuming that copy paste is an alternative, but sometimes points jotting is more important than content copying and then filtering.So why not use a browser that has all these features even when its Indian language oriented ? Each note you can type and store in the side panel and can be viewed at your convenience. Quick intelligence ensures that the each English word typed is convented to the desired selected language after the press of space.
# India.Connecting People: Latest Film songs, stock reports, live TV,events, Regional languages news,events, daily jokes etc, epic relaxes you will all features for each Indian choice. Partnered with NDTV and features with IBN live, this browser proves to be the Hot launch of the season with its sizzling Browser-Facts.
# Stay Protected : Epic proves to be first browser with antivirus integrated with web browser. I really dint find this feature much important on browser as compared to others features, but i would say it is good for a change. Scan process can be triggered just without switching the windows and when it is powered by eScan, be assured that speed and commitment of scanning will be efficient.

# Network-Zap : Need to stay connected with social sites likes Facebook,Orkut ? Need to tweet as quick as you can ? Stay connected with Epic and you will make your social life pretty quick. All sidebar feature as very convenient to use, i would say " i love it".
# Snip-It : Just like the name "Snippet", epic really functions nothing less than Snippets. You can highlight text and images and drag and drop the contents on to the sidebar to save the contents which can be viewed later. I found this feature so important and thoughtful. Snippets are not only limited to text and images, but also in the case where you need to store URL's from a Page or pages from all Tabs which are open, just couple of clicks and job done.
# Timeliness : Never miss an appointments and To do's with Epic's advance feature such as To-Do and Timer. Timer is really cool "never seen" feature that ensures a buzz when the time of meet is scheduled. Alert Tone can be set accordingly.
# To Write : I can ensure you that, ones you start using this writer pad, you will forget Notepad and word pad. guess why ? just look at the superb interface of this rick text write pad. Unbelievable. Save-As can be in Html as well, so for all You young Html learners, try this out, it is really-mind boggling.
# Map-Finder : "Can you guide me the route to Panaji" ? oh...cut this out and use Epic. map finder ensures you the whole travel idea to reach to destination. Mention the start and the destination, and then, all you need to do is, "Wait-n Watch". Wow...i just wish if i had this tool with me earlier when i settled from Pune To Goa. i could have cut down my journey little faster than expected. You can find Bus, Car and walking path route from start to destination. i had a try with Pune-Goa and selected a walk as my means of travel,God...3 Days 22 Hours, i guess Mr.Bolt can beat this as well as he did Mr. Powell record on 17th July 2010.
# J-T-G Factor : 3 very important needs of generation, Living & travel, Jobs and Games and Epic has it all. For all job seekers, you can try out your luck while you being browsing.Professionals can check the flight details and kids can find time in playing games.

# Epic - Apps :  All the browsers come up with apps and leading ones are with Mozilla and Chrome. But just because Epic is just launched, don't take it granted as It too has good app collections and being Indian, feel proud about it as even at this very point, the Epic Developers have taken the point of Indians in mind with apps.

# Skins : This trend is pacing and specially when chrome has come up with such a cool theme designs. Epic i feel is more organized with skins and varied options to try out. Not only user friendly, but various groups and sections to choose from, epic is the best with skins.
# About What i feel : I was over-whelmed with the functionality of this browser.I focused on aspects such as  technical, business, social, leisure and layout features and i bet, it is really awesome. Plenty of "never seen features", amazing layout, user Friendliness, Convenient to Social Connections, Easy To Go News, Travel at finger Tip and Information Avast.

# My Rating : 9.5/10 ( Taking into consideration Technical, Business, Social, Leisure and Layout features)

# Installation : ( 10.6 MB)

# Installation help : Epic Team ensures installation in less than 1 min, i can ensure you installation in less than 30 Sec*. My system took, 20 sec for installation. 

*Provided the system is a Good Performer.


Creativity!! said...

Hey, This Is Really Great!!!!! I Didn't Know About This!! Thanks A Lot For Sharing. Will Surely Try This.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey Prajyot... wah.. I'm new to this..mssing ur space these days and lost connectivity with technology updates.. am back and will be here..:)

Thanks for this...:)

prajyot said...

@ Creativity

It was recently launched i.e 15th July 2010. oh yeah, try it out, i liked it very much. If this launch is so cool, we should definitely wait for next version.

prajyot said...

@ Pramoda

hey thanks for dropping in...and hope to see you much regular.

Oh its fine, even its the same case with me.but you know, one can't resist blogging. LOL :-)