Saturday, June 16, 2007

Zone Alarm Launched For Ms Vista

Check Point has released new versions of its popular free ZoneAlarm firewall, along with its paid Antivirus and Internet Security Suite as Vista-compatible downloads.

The advantage of the ZoneAlarm firewall over the built-in Vista firewall is that ZoneAlarm will only allow those programs you specifically ok to access the Internet.

Microsoft's Vista firewall does allow this kind of outbound filtering, but the feature disabled by default. Not only that, it's hidden and buried - you can't even get to it through the normal Windows Firewall interface.

ZoneAlarm's free firewall, by contrast, will display a pop-up if a new program attempts to access the Internet. That program will be blocked until you allow it.

The movement these check points were launched,i installed it on my laptop and found it fine with security,but I would rate kaspersky internet security more than zone alarm though.

Do try it folks and let me know what you all feel...!!!

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