Friday, June 29, 2007

NDTV--Reporting Error....!!

well i know this is a quite a old update..but i thought of sharing this part...this was the day where elections results were declared of Goa elections.It was so much so intresting contest that all major News channels around the nation had gathered to have a tough contest even between them to provide the news at fastest....well NDTV was one of them and also that it was a live show coveragee.

But is speed of information better than wrong information??

well in that case,i would say...i would prefer gud and correct information as my primary ask than followed by speed.

I took some snaps while watching NDTV's live show of poll declaration and i found this errors....well see the results line....

After reading this...i called up many friends cozz this news was shocking,as the main areas of contest were margao,panaji and ponda including some minor areas too.
Margao was expected to be one sided contest,but this news at tht time was reallyun believable.....but soon it followed by this...!!!

well i really dunno,what to call this except "sabse tej sabse galat"

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