Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday's Day Out

Many people in india might not be aware of a place in Goa which is 33 Km From a panaji known as BiG FOOT.

Sunday i got opportunity to go in there along with my brother and aaiBasically means mother in marathi)..!!Its obvious that i was the driver during the jouney,well both the ways..!!

Here are some of the pics that i took..

The legend Parshuram

A Holy prist in ancient Goa

Cashew Feni production in early days

Travelling Means in ancient Goa

I wish if this was true(imagination..!!)


PotterMan In ancient Goa

Carpenter Of aincient Goa

Ancient Houses depicting togetherness in religions

Cobbler In ancient Goa

Bangle Seller in Ancient Goa

Fisher Woman in Ancient Goa

Vegitable Seller in Ancient Goa

Tax Collector In ancient Goa

Saloon In Ancient Goa

Mirabai's Sculpture

Mr.Mahenda Alvares Carved picture of Sant Mirabai at BiG Foot(as shown in Picture) in a months time and this is set as a record in Limca Book of Records,India.

Tools used by Mr.alvaris also shown in the picture below.

Advertising Boards At Big Foot

My stupidy corner..!!

Visitors Book

Well i tought qrote comments on the book along side i also wrote my bloogers address...ha ha..people might be wondering..this person is come to see BiG foot or have come here to popularize BLOGGER..ha ha ha..!!

One more importance of Big Foot is that,there is a Holy foot marks of a lengend person,who lived long time ago in goa,and was considered as Holy person.It is belived that,any person who keeps the feet above that feet,and wishes..his/her wish does become true...the condition is that THE WISH SHOULDNOT BE TOLD TO OTHERS.

Actually i purposly dint take the snapshot of that Holy foot,cozz these things are to be experienced in real rathar than beliving in writtings.

I always belive that,we need to experience and get exposed to new things.

So if any of the blog visitors get intrested to going to this place,do let me know,i will surely guide you all here..its amazing place to visit..!!


joiedevivre said...

njoyed haan
m jealous yaar...mein toh band hu ghar mein
curfw at my place :(

Hemanth Potluri said...

wow ...oh god u enjoyed so welll now u made me jealous... lovely pics..nice shots taken..

prajyot said...

well joje..u can surely come over to goa..then u will say the same thing..!!

and when u come,donot forget to meet me..!!!

prajyot said...

hemant...u please come to goa and then i will surely show u all Goan culture...

so when r u heading to goa?

UTP said...

that is a great place...are they wax statues?

prajyot said...

well they r not wax status...yeah..indeed its a nice place..!!

Aditi said...

actually 4 some days, I was out of town, then stuck up in my job.. i was heavily loaded.. anyhow..
how ru

Hemanth Potluri said...

lets see it may take time ...before marriage only i will come ;)..and after also i may come..heheh

prajyot said...

hey aditi m great..hope ur fine now...missing u at blogging..come back soon,BLOGGING AND BLOGGER"S missing u

prajyot said...

hemant,u come anytime to goa..m always there..but do leme know when u come...prior

Cecilia said...

I dint know about this! And im from GOA!! Glad u posted :)

Priya Joyce said...

u seem to have had a gud exp there. Pics show.real gud pics. I have been to panaji but never went to such a place.

prajyot said...

@cecilia..its very happy thing to know a goan blogger...

well this place is 7-8km from margao...its in loutlim

prajyot said...

well priya..i really enjoyed this place...actually this place is nope new for me..but every visit really is special