Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lenovo Ideapad S10..!! Preety Simple

This slim portable design is pretty regular-sized at 9.8 x 7.2 x 1.2 inches and is as light as one would expect, at around 2.6 lbs with the 3-cell battery.

First of all, the semi-glossy ivory finish looks very classy and is also fingerprint-resistant, unlike the highly overrated piano finish.The screen is a decently big 10.2inches (1024 x 600 resolution), which makes it a joy for multimedia functions.

The screen has a webcam placed on top of it, with the mic located right below the keyboard.There's not much that one can say about the speakers on the S10. The sound was exactly as we expected – tinny and sharp. If you want quality, use headphones.

The S10 comes with quite a number of ports, namely:

2x USB ports (one on each side)
3-in-1 card reader
ExpressCard slot
Headphone & Mic jacks

The ExpressCard slot is a great addition; not many netbooks feature it. In fact the S10 is generally quite upgradable. Apart from boosting the RAM and HDD, you can also change or upgrade the Wi-Fi card. The internal hard drive is a 160GB 5400 standard 2.5 inch drive.

The S10 comes in only one flavor, and that's Windows XP SP3 Home Edition. After installing all the basic applications and codecs, the Windows bootup time stayes close to a very acceptable 35 seconds(Reports).

At an excellent budget price of Rs 25,000 (MRP), the S10 is well worth the money you spend on it. It's not perfect, but it performs a lot better.



Very bright screen
Comfortable to use
Good expandability options
One-key recovery
Fully featured


3-cell battery
Generates a bit of heat on extended use
Sluggish performance with some HD video


Hemanth Potluri said...

ok fine...i will gift it to my gf ...and rocking review as always...wer r th diwali gift bonanzas u declared :)...


prajyot said...

well hang on buddy,u will get the gift soon..!!

thanks for visiting and blog comment

joiedevivre said...

majee yaar
shandarr hai

Aneesh said...

in 25k, i guess its a best buy