Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scan and Remove Virus Without Starting Windows

Have you ever encountered a computer that is so badly infected by spy ware and virus that the computer is so slow and you could hardly do anything on it? Fully booting in to computer takes like 15 minutes, then to install an on-demand antivirus program takes another 30 minutes and then to update the signatures takes another hour. Running a full scan would definitely take more than an hour. The computer should be cleaned from virus

There are already 4 brands of free rescue CD which is Kaspersky Rescue Disk, Avira AntiVir Rescue System, F-Secure Rescue CD and BitDefender 2008 RescueCD. Here is yet another free antivirus rescue disk from Dr. Web called Dr.Web LiveCD which is very useful to scan and remove virus when the computer is very badly infected by virus.

Dr.Web LiveCD is an anti-virus emergency aid disk that would restore a system that became non-operational due to activities of malware. If a workstation or a server running Windows or Unix won’t boot from a hard drive, Dr.Web LiveCD will clean a system of suspicious and malicious files and will also try to cure infected objects.

Download and Installation:

1.From the link at the end of this article and burn it to a CD.
2.Then boot up the computer with the CD by setting your computer as the first boot device.
3.As loading starts a dialogue window will prompt you to choose between the standard and the safe mode.
4.Make sure that the first option DrWeb-LiveCD is selected and hit the ENTER key. 5.Once finished loading, you will be presented with a really cool nice looking screen that has Start Menu.

There are 2 ways to scan the computer using Dr.Web LiveCD. You can either select Start Dr.Web Scanner to start scanning the hard drive, or select Start XOrg to launch the graphical user interface version of the scanner.

Do take note that the Rescue CDs are NOT meant to replace the real-time antivirus program which protects your computer against malware every second. It is only used when the installed antivirus fails to detect and block the virus.



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Aneesh said...

I've heard about Dr.Web, but this was really informative and enjoyed reading it.

BTW, are you able to update your kaspersky antivirus? I mean if it is a pirated copy? :)

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