Monday, June 29, 2009

Samsung Laptop N110-Battle The Marathon

THE WAIT IS OVER! The minute you set eyes on this Laptop you will feel to be lunging towards it to put it on and checking out new features.

The Samsung NC10 found itself on Tech Buyers List when it first hit the market in October 2008.Thought NC10 had many issues with battery and touch pad,Samsung has ensured and fixed these issues within no time in its new Launch Samsung N110.
The wait has been finally paid off and despite some strong new competition, Samsung remains atop the heap of buyers guide with its new N110.

# So, what is in action?

Well, though the basic chassis is largely the same as that of NC10, Samsung has opted for a few well considered design changes. N110 Laptop has similar internal specifications as that of NC10, including 1.6 GHZ Intel Atom N270,Intel 945GSE + ICH7M Chipset,1GB RAM,160 GB Hard Disk.Samsung has made drastic change in the design of the Laptop.The matte lid in NC10 has been replaced with a black glossy coating,and its sleeker. Samsung has provided a lengthy of 10Hr battery backup against six cell battery runtime.Dimensions of the laptop are 261.2 mm(W),185.8 mm(D),30.8 mm (H).

# Literally A Bucketful:

I always wondered that specs really don't reflect the performance they are just for raw number & alphabetic crunching but this particular laptop has been a great improvement from NC10.

1.Keyboard : The 93 percent of full-size; 83 key keyboard layout is comfortable and "easy working" with.Also,Raised Keypads provides seat back comfort.Silver Nano Technology to coat the small key pads have really added on to anti bacterial feature.Samsung ensures 99.9 Bacteria clearence in 24 hours time creating environmental healthy working on laptop.

2.Screen Resolution : Size of LCD Screen is nearly 10.1 inches with resolution of 1024 x 600. 1.3 MP Webcam really remind me of "Live Chat". Super clarity and clean video images makes it a preferable laptop choice.

3.Speakers : 2.1 Channel Speakers positioned on the bottom front of the N110's chassis, produces decently loud sound.Well just remembered "We are the world" song by MJ being played on NC110!! it sounded like "Live Performance". It also has Mic Noise Suppression EDS (Enhanced Digital Sound) Effect for advanced clarity for frequent listeners.

4.Long Battery Life: 6 Cell option provides scope for higher working hours on this laptopn with out any external power supply and of course with total comfort and relaxation.

5.Hard Disk & RAM : N110 Is inbuilt with 1GB DDR2 RAM and 160 GB SATA Hard Disk. To boot up windows XP takes just 38 Seconds! When i worked on this laptop, nearly 5GB of mixed data contents took higher bound time of 6Min only.

6.Connectivity : The 802.11b/g Wi-Fi card provided a strong connection to the Net.Average speed delivered is nearly 20.7 MBPS and 18.5 MBPS from 15 feet and 50feet respectively. Samsung's Inbuilt Network tool named;Easy Network Manager can be used for connecting to a wireless access point. Samsung N110 Also provides Bluetooth 2.0 Connectivity for Mobile Users.

7. Other Features: 3-in-1 (SD, SDHC, MMC) Card Reader and 3 USB Slots.It has VGA Output slot but it lacks S-Out Video.

8.Software : Samsung N110 comes along with Windows XP Home Edition.Samsung have also bundled its own utilities with the N110, including the Samsung Recovery Solution III and Samsung Magic Doctor. Samsung has incorporated McAfee to provide security for this laptop.

9. Warranty : Samsung covers one-year warranty and 24/7 toll-free technical support.

# Smaller & Lighter :

If you are frequent traveler,then this is your ideal choice as Samsung N110 with AC Adapter in travel bag fits in up to 3.4 pounds and really doesn't put any strain on travelers shoulder.well its really ultra-portable.

Note: For More Specification regarding this Laptop,channel on to the following Link:

# Should You Explore IT ? :

Samsung N110 just got better from NC10 series.The keys of the keyboard really make it so comfortable for typing on long runs,and battery backup is largely a consideration. Samsung N110 excels in its portability features and dimensional looks.Laptop Transfer rate also is on N110's brighter side.Webcam really provides cool clarity and of course when teamed up with good internet connection,use of Skype,yahoo or any video chat services can be breath taking for video chatting. excellent sound clarity finds its use for daily music lovers. Sound quality is impressive but not ideal for heavy bass listeners. in short it serves as music marathon with minimal fatigue and irritation for listeners.

# Missing in Action :

I would love to see dedicated graphic card for this laptop and a slight Hard Disk capacity increase that would make this laptop more sustainable for disk space loads.

# People's Verdict

If you have any more features in mind which you would like to highlight besides that of what i have mentioned in this post,kindly post comments in "comments" section at the end of this post.Also,Kindly feel free to discuss and post matter related to NC110 Laptop and if you are a reader with already NC110 purchased,then surely it would be pleasure to know about your experience.

My Rating : 4/5

My Prediction : A Worthy Rival To Existing Laptop Contenders


Aneesh said...

I don't know why they still keep with the 1GB RAM

prajyot said...

Yeah..i know..but still at this range this RAM is Fine...

Jyoti said...

are you going to write next about samsung star touch phone?

:) in this series of samsung products

Brandon Hudson said...

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