Sunday, June 28, 2009

Snapshot...Samsung On The way..!!

Samsung 12.2 Mega-Pixels Digital Camera is a new launch of Samsung against its competitors. Personally i have been a sony fan all in electronic domain(Offcource i don't owe all electronic products those are mfg on earth by sony..he he)

Samsung ST series is the only multimedia digital camera range in the world.
With slim and stunning designs, a text viewer, movies, music and tour guide function, it is the best companion for your trip.

Key Features:

1.12.2 MP : (i don't think i need to talk anything more than this)

2.Smart Auto Snapshots : Now its layman's job to be professional with Samsung's innovative smart auto technology in which snaps are assured to be perfect every time.

3.2.7'' LCD : The Samsung ST50 has a 2.7" LCD for improved contrast and colour reproduction, allowing you to enjoy a wider and clearer image

4.Advanced Movie Mode : Movies now can be produced simply by a click of a button..with MPEG-4 format and SVGA quality (800x592, 20fps) size for an enhanced video shooting experience like never before

5.16.6mm Ultra Slim Body : Carry it anywhere with nope special slot of carriage in bags/pockets..simply fits anywhere

6.Smart Album : "hey here i show you my album"...simple by album maintains whole snaps details of the past na??

7.External memory : Memory can be expandable up to 4GB..


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

cool informative blog.

but i bought a sony cam month back only :(

thanks for ur visit. :)

Priya Joyce said...

u r totally tempting me b'day gift was a canon digi cam..tat got destroyed during the delivery..huh!

now i hav none :P

well i liked the features of ths one..

guess wat am gonna...try to get ths :P

Keshi said...

Another gadjet maniac like me? ;-)

Nice toy there!


prajyot said...

@ Preetilata

Thanks for visiting and commenting on this post...!!

Well good that you got sony..i too prefer sony itself..he he

prajyot said...

@ Priya

Well..this time u can go for sony...!! its so sad that your cam broke while on the way to you home...but never send electronic stuffs by post/courier

prajyot said...

@ keshi

Well..thanks for the visit man..!! well..this is just one tech toys..ther r many to follow..he he