Friday, August 28, 2009

Its Mobile Linux Now...!!

The Nokia N900 is designed to empower users to have dozens of application windows open while running simultaneously.

Nokia’s new N900 “mobile computer” is now, official. The N900 is most notable for being the first handset to features the Finnish company’s new Maemo 5 operating system, an OS skewed heavily towards internet use and built on a Linux base.

The Nokia N900 will have following features:

1. A 3.5 inch touch-sensitive widescreen display with an 800 × 480 pixel resolution.
2. Full Sized QWERTY Keyboard and virtual keyboard.
3. 5 MP CMOS sensor autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a Tessar lens as well as a Dual LED flash.
4. Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP.
5. Integrated GPS with A-GPS support.
6. Built-in FM transmitter and radio.
7. Maemo browser powered by Mozilla technology and Adobe Flash 9.4 support.

Now watching YouTube Videos are simple as this model supports Mozilla based web browser supporting Adobe Flash 9.4.This phone will hit the market somewhere in October.


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey, its interesting..Hats off to them for their technology..

and by the way, what's the cost of it..?

Priya Joyce said...

I so adore it nw..lovely...
superb stuff :)
nice review ter n tnx

prajyot said...

@ Pramoda

Market cost is yet to be disclosed..!! indeed its preety cool...!!

thanks for this comment

prajyot said...

@ Priya

Linux has been always been in demand..hope this turns out to be a ROCK STAR product

Creativity!! said...

Soo Interesting & Very Informative :D The People Who Invented This Are Really Extremely Great :D Hatts Off To Them :) Thanks A Lot For Sharing :D

prajyot said...

@ creativity

Thanks for the lovely comment. Indeed technology has gone a long way