Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Keep India Cyber Safe" How?

Hi Friends,firstly Happy Independence day to each one of us living in India and to all NRI's. May each one of us live in peace and happiness and lets us all be proud to be an INDIAN.

Today i would say is my special post as i have really spent lot of time in writting this post and making sure that i can put my tech knowlegde at importance to all indians.

Crime in India has been major issue and of it,cyber crime is really growing high. But there is a solution to it.

1. We understand Cyber Crime
2. We act

1.What is Cyber Crime ?

# in simple terms "illegal activitiy committed on the internet. "

2.Why is it so dangerous?

# sometimes we say,visible criminals are better than invisible criminals because we can trace them.But in cyber space,its not a easy task to trace one so easily.It really takes huge amount of man power working hours with technology to guide the team up to the criminals.

3. what cyber crime involves ?

# Phishing : Act of sending emails by pretending to be the legitimate sender belonging to recognized organization so as to receive important materials such as credit card details,passwords,etc from the receiver.

# Hacking : illegal entry produced into computer or into network

# Child pornography : Abusers use these tricks to abuse household children's. this is really growing into issues this year worldwide.

# Cyber Stalking : ideally means harassment of victim over cyber medium.

# DOS attack : This concept initially i thought to be very simple ( when i was in 11 std).as i completed my engineering,i started believing DOS to be the most dangerous tool.This attack floods the victims bandwidth and/or fills his/her inbox with huge amount of data/spam

# Virus Dissemination : Act of attaching virus.worms/trojans to setup of any progrms

# Credit card Fruading : Unauthorised means to use of credit card in cyber space.

# Net Extortion : Stealing /copying the data from one company as disclosing into public/or for personal use creating huge finantial damange to said company.

# Software Piracy : illegal copying software programs and distributing the same in masses.

3. Are you safe surfer ?

Ask the following Q's before going online to prevent yourself being attached

1. Is your pc/laptop has antivirus installed with its virus database updated up to date?

2. Is your pc/laptop has Firewall configured ?

3. Is your password really strong for email accounts and pc logins ?

4. Do you open emails of unknown people?

5. Are unknown people in your contact list?

6. Do you scan each and every attachment ?

7. Do you disclose any personal information vis emails/chat etc ?

4. How secure is your credit card?

Credit card is been most used in whole world and also that its been attached too.

i will share some methods to prevent credit card being attacked

1. Donot respond to any emails which asks for your card details

2. While entering Credit card details for shoppping online/online purchase/payments use Virtual keyboard for evtering details( HDFC Bank has integrated it). every Pc has option of On-Screen Keyboard.Use the same.

3.While shppoing online via credit card,check iof the site is secured/

# check for the signs of 3rd party provider like CCAvenue and some text like " Site Verfied on - - - " - - - means day month year respectively.

# Verify if the site address has https:// instead of http://

4.If credit card statements are not received notify the bank to close down the services for your credit card.

5. Don't give any photocopies/xerox of your credit card.the number on credit card can be misused if provided photocopies/xerox to unknown people.

I would love to have some people to share opinions or if they have better tips,i would love to include them in my next tip.



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Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Prajyot,

Happy independence day ..

And a very interesting technology..I will come back here again and will read in detail..Thank You.

prajyot said...

@ Pramoda

Thanks for the lovely comments..!!

Hope to see you back here soon

Creativity!! said...

Hi Prajyot,
Wish You A Very Happy Independence Day........

First Time, I Visited Your Blog..Its Very Much Informative :D Great Blog, With Abundant of Information :D

Will Be Back Soon, To Read All Other Posts :D

prajyot said...

@ Creativity

Thanks a lot for the lovely comments..and i visited your blog,its really nice...I have already added you on my blog list

Anonymous said...

Hi Prajyot,

Happy Independence Day (belated)

Very well written post..:)

You have a nice blog..see you got a new follower..!

Will come often for more

prajyot said...

@ vyashu

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