Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Converting VHS to DVD

why spend Rs.200/- to convert to DVDs when you can do it by yourself? Sounds interesting...? well i have seen many people spending hundreds of Rs. in converting their VHS to DVD's and i feel that is not really required when we ourselves can do it. Check it out the method to do it :

Head-start Requirements :

1. Patience
2. Little computer knowledge
3. A good PC ( 1GB RAM, 250 GB HDD as Minimum Requirement ]

Capturing and digitizing video is similar to copying VHS tapes. You plug colored wires into the video source – your video player and tape or movie camera. The other ends of the wires go to the back of your computer, into the video capture card, usb port, or firewire port.

Capturing Needs

There are many ways to convert VHS-DVD. but i will give a simple way.
To copy VHS tapes to DVD, you will need video editing software that can capture analog video, edit the video, and burn (publish) the video to a final format, such as a DVD.

According to me CyberLink PowerDirector is really a good Choice.This tool is really strong with all three aspects of video namely capturing, editing and burning.

Special Features of Cyber Link Power Director

  • Direct upload to YouTube and Facebook
  • Particle Effects
  • SD to HD up-scaling
  • Impressive list of output formats, including files for your iPhone, PSP, PS3, Xbox, and Zune
  • Automated “Magic” Editing Tool
  • Audio and Photo editing
  • Disc Creation