Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Avast Antivirus : Be free

Well just inspired with the new logo...!! Avast actually has been booming the computer world with this edition release. Wondering how it can tackle "Be Free" Strategy delivering best IT security services. So i thought lets explore the features...

Many people still do not use antivirus, and for those, i would recommend this antivirus per sure. Till now the site has registered more than 100 million registration and still going. Definitely my hit also must have got counted...Lol...taking a serious note, this antivirus is fully loaded with some of the common antivirus features( As it should be) but lacks the following

# Ensure All mails sent and Received are clean : Well though this feature is more prominent in paid version of Avast Internet security, i really dint feel was "defining" feature, as now a days all mail clients provide incoming virus check for downloads. Well only issue is sending, which can be taken care of local antivirus system

Protection from Chat Infections : Its a good feature and i really tried it working with, found it cool and was not downgrading performance of system.

# Protects Browser Suspicious Websites: Google Chrome has this cool feature and Avast providing this feature would be like add-on on any system. Yeah for non chrome people, this is a good feature to try out.

My Rating As Compared With Top Antivirus : 5.5/10
My Rating As Compared To Free Antivirus : 9/10

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what is ur view abt avg..