Friday, August 20, 2010

FireTrust Mail Washer - Scrap off Spam

Spam,Spam and Spam. Its everywhere. And such an annoying factor in IT. Check out the new upgrade of Mail Washer Pro.
This Program allows users to view the messages that are on the various email accounts, before tou can actually download them on your computer. You can either delete or return the un needed letters back to the sender with the message of your own.

This software provides access to POP3,IMAP4,SMTP,Web mails and WAP using SSL, also provides content filtering and attachment malware checking.

One of the very good features i would like to make note of is, it works with multiple domains and you can create automated replies notifications by SMS. Available anti-virus plug-ins from McAfee and F-Secure.
  1. Preview all the messages before downloading.
  2. delete unwanted emails before downloading the whole message. Search of email by sender,subject and attachment is also an option.
  3. Blacklist any emails you wish are not secure enough
  4. friend-list features filters the mails received from your known friends. You can also hide your friends from the screen to easily identify the spam.
  5. Filtering of emails in to groups is also an advantage of this tool.

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