Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twitter By E-Mail : Easy on Go

I was wondering how can i stick to one application and can tweet others. Off course there can be many options but i would say Email is one of the most common. Many of co-operates wish have Outlook configured and how about Tweeting Via Outlook? Sounds Interesting ?

TweetByMail connects your Twitter accounts with your inbox. Send and receive tweets with Outlook, Gmail, or any Mobile Phone world-wide.Many of us must be aware of twitter via SMS and many options are available so i will skip this section and only speak about Email Tweet.

Tweet Deck is one of my very favorite and i just love the interface that it provides; Simple,Easy and Most Efficient UI.But just for a change, i thought i would try this one.

TweetByMail uses Twitter authorization, so you don't have to fill out even one form. Complete the steps  and ultimately account Control Panel will be displayed.You'll see your Twitter account listed. Follow the second tab for "Email Addresses" and enter the address at which you want to receive updates. 

Check Inbox(Or Spam) and click the verification link.Back at the control panel, underneath your Twitter account you'll see your unique TweetByMail email address for working with that account. It will look something like Now Go to the third tab, marked "TweetByMail Updates", to set-up receiving tweets by email. First, check "On", your verified email address will be the only one listed, and choose how often you want these updates to be sent. Sadly updates are only 500 Emails per week for free users. i think they are pretty enough quota for a week.

My Ratings : 6/10 

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