Thursday, September 30, 2010

Content Mixi - web design template matters

Polls from professional designers suggests that almost 80% of web-design enthusiastic pay nothing for the design that doesn't suit their taste.And why would they? If you are starting out with any plans to work out with templates, dont bother much, check this. Planning to go professional, choose professional service provider and let the expert designs fuel your working suits. Nevertheless, it is very important to maintain the flexibility and user-friendliness of the layout of the design.

Designing template for a website from scratch is no cinch, as a lot of money,efforts and time gets wasted, typically the ironic factor. Not only these terms, alongside experts also need to be primarily pushing hard to get things right, at right places.

Contentmixi is largely into website templates and its online presence has boosted several buyers and developers to this portal.The web design templates are truly impressive and definitely scope for buyers and developers to seek brighter picture of their business. This portal has call design collection right from Plain Html, CSS, Full Websites, Flash Websites, WordPress and Joomla to newletter and PSD's./

Plenty of categories to go through and choose the template,pay and then you have a full-blown guide to rest of your work.Just a minor tuning to the same and off the web design template goes live for people. The design and the layout of contentmixi web portal is so attractive and categorized that purchasing web page design templates is so layed out and well presented. Each selected website template can be "tagged" and also kept under over-look of personalized group via "Add to Favorites".

Head over to logo section and you will find some impressive logo's and you will find something of your choice. There are whole lot of categories to go through such as contents,illustrations, eBooks and Animations.You can also browse through the content that is uniquely written for you and the featured articles which are on different topic. 

If you are a online marketer,  then this might be of your personalized taste. ContentMixi provides affiliate programs for all the developers and marketer with a personalized technical and marketing support for each and every affiliate to help you get started and make the most of the opportunity. ContentMixi also designs specialized banners to suit  the  website audience for the affiliate partner website. It all takes 10 sec and you can be a part of 20% commission trading.

Sellers can also upload products like website templates,logos, eBooks, etc after being registered users and can have a great opportunity to earn money by selling 350 to 400 word articles in the contentmixi marketplace.

Verdict : is a one stop shop for all your web designing needs.

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