Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 - Beta Showcase

"Unlocking the beauty of the Web." That's Microsoft's new tag line for Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft now knows what web surfers expect from them. Ever since chrome got launched, never looked back to IE versions in this web cloud. But now i am sure Microsoft is marketing browser jargon at its best. 

The new IE9 brings out HTML5 support, hardware-accelerated 2D graphics and a totally new JavaScript engine. Sadly to say, it has no support for Windows XP.

Features :

  1. New Layout :  The first thing that gets noticed is the interface is at different level and has very little vertical space. The top tool bar seems to be much more friendly than chrome browser. Combination of important navigation buttons, unified search and address bar,tabs and option buttons, they all go in same line.Re-sizing of address bar as per your preference is also possible.
  2. New JavaScript engine : A faster engine means sites like FB and Gmail or equivalent don't load faster, but run more quickly and IE9 triggers this feature.IE9 doesn't out-space other browsers in this feature case, but Microsoft says it would be rendering the feature to better optimize this case in the final release.
  3. 2D Acceleration : IE 9 adds Direct X video acceleration for SVG graphics and text rendering,making the SVG graphics and CSS3 rendering faster.Applying text rendering, the entire browsing experience becomes much more smoother.HTML 5 video rendering is much more smoother than Google Chrome's 6.0.427 Version.
  4. Pinned Tabs: If any web applications are open whole day and by mistake if you tend to close them,IE9 lets to separate out those sites and lock them right to window task-bar.You  then drag a site to the bar and when pinned,pulls the favicon thus making it look like different program altogether.
  5. Advance Download Manager: Surely IE9 may not be so much revolutionary with its download means, but definitely there is a huge improvement with its feature. IE9 beta browser is more intelligent than its predecessors with its smart screen filter, which prompts you in case of any suspicious file download.

Select the language followed by the OS and Complete the IE 9 Download Now : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/download/ie-9/worldwide

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