Monday, August 29, 2011

Facebook Rolls Out New Privacy Settings - Making Control Simple

Today while browsing facebook randomly,i came across the new feature of Facebook with an upgrade of inline privacy control and asked me if I want to have its tour. The message said:
I quickly read through the details and found it quite interesting. Followed with some features, i too updated few status ( but deleted them as they were crazy test status's)

In the first step Facebook asked me to tell them who i’m with and it allows to add my location in it too if i wan’t you to know the place I am at.

 Upon selecting the further option to take the tour, the beautiful tour of the new feature begins clearly explaining the overall feature of the new upgrade.

Use this to manage who can see and comment on posts you share, including ones with location, if you add it. When you change this setting, it will stay how you set it for future posts until you change it again. Posts (including check-ins) from old mobile Facebook apps will use your new default privacy setting.

Also, Notice that Facebook has changed the label for “Everyone” to “Public,” but your posts will still reach the same people.


Azza Hammouda said...

i want to delete the privacy control

prajyot said...

modify your settings in FB settings and it will be done.