Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review : Sprout Social

Sprout Social was created for small business owners to be able to use their time more efficiently. Started in October 2009, this Social media management application takes care of most difficult social media tasks for any business. Lets hunt down its features:

Installation :
Sprout Social has different membership levels and offers a 30-day free trial.  If you’re currently using HootSuite or Tweetdeck, it’s worth taking a look at Sprout Social. Try Either the business plan or the basic plan for 30 days trial and i am sure you may like it. You can just start using this application by using your Twitter,Facebook or Linked in account.Don't worry, it really doesn't draw much time, Sprout social authorizes the app and provides you with access to its free trial within few seconds.

The Dashboard :
I am sure by now you will feel this has one of the systematically placed dashboard. Amazing color and varied features to catch hold of your time spending over this dashboard.There are a number of cool features with Sprout Social.  I’m not going to take time to cover them all. Ones you've connected with all the social media, you will have the dashboard as shown as above .The quick links are very well aligned for quick access. Along with the dashboard widget, there is also a provision for static sidebar quick icons. I really liked this cool look. The two most important terminologies followed by sprout social are Engagement and Influence.By now you must have guessed what it might be. Engagement is an indicator of how well you are communicating with your audience. The higher your engagement, the more valuable your audience will become to your business. And Influence  is an indicator of your growth and the interest level among your audience. These numbers are commonly low, but increasing them over time will result in greater brand awareness and enthusiasm for your business.

The Inbox :

If you sync FB, LinkedIn and Twitter , and all you have to do is , just click inbox and you have all mega sync at this individual place.Sprout Social stands out because of the way it brings together many different tools to cover just about every possible aspect of social networking. This section also allows you to DM, Follow and also Archive the feeds fetched from social sites.

Social Discovery:

Equipped with Twitter Search,Business search,people Search and Twitter Suggestions, the social discovery is made very simple. Save every record of search and track results as per your time.Thus bringing in more detailed information, it encourages the user to enjoy sucess over few simple smart clicks :-)

Report Generation:

So far i am sure you must have found this web application quite simple to understand and easy to use, but the word "Organized" is more relevent to this section. You can have complete overwhelming results of mentions,clicks,Retweets and replies, and not to forget, all in Graphical mode, including line and pie charts. 

Automatic Scheduler :

Like many other social media tools, Sprout Social also provides the ability to schedule messages to go out in as per planned time, including automatically sending out posts from any rss feeds. You can also manage your own RSS feeds.


indrago said...

Hey..great post have convinced me to give this app a try. Thanks for the write-up!

LHInsights said...

i have tried this app but i thought it was okay. however i like that as a product co they are giving a 30 day trail. startups should see this :) good to see u doing a sm app :)

Prasant :)

Harshal Kharod said...

Seems better than tweetdeck! happy to try for 30 days :) Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, Prajyot! Have you had a chance to check out Sprout Social S2?

Anonymous said...

Whoops - thought I'd have the chance to type my name at the top! Wasn't too clear before :)

Brittany Morse
Online Marketing at Sprout Social