Saturday, September 17, 2011

Skype's Facebook Chat Integration For Mac Users

Skype on Mac just received an update - a newly-released beta version of the popular VoIP service is now available. After adding HD video calling, Mac Beta 5.4 integrates Facebook more deeply into Skype.Skype users on Mac will be able to message and call their Facebook contacts. Additionally, it also features the popular 'News Feed' feature on Facebook right within the Skype application on the desktop. Easier access to News Feed while using Skype would be convenient to most of the Skype users avoiding need to screen shuffles.

To begin, all that users would have to do is sign into their Skype account, click on the tab called 'Connect to Facebook' and add their Facebook log in details. Another addition, which will only be visible to the non-paying Skype users would be the inclusion of display ads. 

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