Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Calculated Risk..!!

Open heart symbolizes how far u speak truth?How clear are you in thougths?
I remember there was a time where brain alone used to play important role,but in this todays world Brain and Heart together plays important role to win a control over brain buffer of others.

In every field,people seek relation with people who are crystal clear by all senses of living...What the people hate is "A LIE","FROAD" and most importantly "UNTRUSTFUL DOMAIN"

"Think by heart,implement by brain"..!!

How often we land up in problems?Do we think before we do something? Do we know what will happen next?

Such Questions play important role in any field of life...simple term "Confussion".

Well most of us find ourself into calculated risk's which basically arise of two things

-improper heart+brain applications
-confussed implementation

how to tackle this?

Well most importantly,the most important point here is "Control over heart+brain"...well uall must be wondering why i rate heart higher than brain,well...its nothing so..just that i prefer working with heart+brain conbination controlled by heart...!!!


Jyoti said...

thats a cool advice.

I agree, if we really imply "think from heart,and apply by brain", then certainly we land upto the best decision.

IDriSh LAxmIdHAR said...

that was a awesome article...

yeah it really matters how one reacts to situations and how one applies his thinking towards tackling the situation..

but as far as heart and brain combination are concerned, i agree, no doubt..but what i feel is ,

brain lives by situation , the consequences arising out of situation


the heart lives by mere EMOTIONS, the feelings which help us remain united with all other humans...

and i guess, in every situation, some human , near and dear one, is involved,
so apart from making decisions from brains, we need a little advice from the heart too...

thanks for visiting my blog..

happy life..



prajyot said...

well...!! emotions are though produced by heart but ultimetly the decisions r made by brain..heart just simulates the control...the execution is done by brain offcource..!!

ishqia said...

but we dont always use that formula.. we just forget to use it.. specially in anger