Sunday, February 7, 2010

AOC V22 LCD - A fine alternative

Hi folks... Sorry for the late post...its been days i have posted in here...but i am back...

This time its a LCD post of a new AOC V22 LCD which is a good alternative and a cost saving piece. Samsung has really bombarded the market with 933 model and believe me its a fine model. 15000 : 1 makes it a fine model.

This particular model has become craze of the market as well.Now lets check out what this particular model has to offer :

The Design : This model is thin and streamlined with classic glossy finish. The depth is about 0.75 and the location of the power button is really cool. It has a silver color ring around it and also the menu panel has 4 way navigation pad.The connection options are single HDMI and VGA for video. But unfortunetly it isn't having DVI and Thus no DVI-HDMI cable as accessory. The brightness is at 280 cd/m2 while the contrast is rated as 100,000 : 1 . The response time is around 2 ms ( G- G ).

The Featured Performance : The luminance is slightly more than my expectations but nothing big.There is some white level clipping seen at the middle of the screen as the back light is not really bright. Colors are vibrant and accurate too.

The Plus : Good Performance for gaming freak people.

The Bad : DVI connection not present and ergonomic features.


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