Saturday, February 13, 2010

Samsung E1107 Crest Solar : Good Choice For Power/Cost Savers

The concept of solar powered phone is not something new,still many people are unaware of solar charged mobile phones. In this point, Samsung had launched the Samsung E1107 which is going to be the first commercially available solar powered phone. The Samsung E1107, known as Solar Guru. The cell phone was launched in somewhere in 3rd quarter of 2009 and is doing good.
 A friend happen to ask me [ December 2009]  " whats your mobile battery life ? " . Well i quoted " As long as it is    charged, it goes good". We then he said " check this..!! no issues with battery and day time charging is at the peak.Goes superb..!! "

Design and Specification :
Samsung E1107 is not the slimmest mobile device and this is precisely due to the solar panel on back panel that add-in little more thickness too the mobile. However, with the weight of only 77 grams makes it very lightweight and easy to tote around. Up front, there is a 1.52-inch CSTN display with a 128 x 128 pixel resolution with 65k colors. Below it is the five way navigation pad and with End, call and Soft keys around it. Moreover, there is a small LED is placed on top for use as a torch.But for the people who have not kept it on during the day,this feature can be USELESS because  led wont lit up at night...LOL :-)

Solar Power : is it worth ?
Well this feature is not really designed at its best, but features a cost saving technique. Tested 5 mins talk time for every hour charged battery.

Although the Samsung E1107 is a low end phone, it is still features Mp3 Ringtones, FM Radio, and game. It stores around 500 items in phone listings. Also,30 missed call lists,called lists and received lists. It doesn't have a card slot to read.Mobile Tracker is another feature of this mobile.

Leaving the solar charging technique and the price,rest feature are not really strong.But defintly a good piece for environment friendly

In India, the phone costs only 2,650/- INR


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