Thursday, February 11, 2010

Save Our Tigers : Take a Step

Sorry folks,this isn't a tech post but something related to social striking.I would call this to be an conditional-expressing" post.Meaning something which makes me to post before its too late.

Hey friends,its time to be aware of the fact that from the times we had many tigers in our country has drastically reduced to FEW in numbers. I was recently happed to see an advertisement on TV "Athithi Dev Bhavo " by aamir khan where he says one superb statement " the growth of income of each of us depends on tourists".

The tourists come to india for luxury,passion and more importantly to love nature and tigers and other animals are very crucial for these and for ecosystem.and if we don't react , it will be counting don to zero very soon.

Personally i have never seen a tiger live but i can sense the need of growth of awareness required to stop this.

I would request every visitor of my blog to post either small link of or write comments on this dedicated to save tigers initiative by aircel.

How can we help :

1.Make awareness
2.Blog Post,Emails etc.
3.Donate to


Srikanth Chaganti said...

Hey Buddy,

Good that you are posting blogs like this besides techie kinda posts.

I am spreading my word too.
Pls tak a look at


Creativity!! said...

Hey, Very Good. Will Surely Link Your Post Along With The Post Related To This Cause.

prajyot said...

@ Srikant..

Thanks dude...good to see commitment from your side too..!! thanks a lot

prajyot said...

@ Creativity

Thanks for the comments and i am surely waiting for your post on the same..



Hemanth Potluri said...

nice that u have taken up the initiative ...:)..


Tulika said...

Great Job.

Indeed I would spread the word too...


V. S. A . said...

True.. nice that u r spreading the word too...

prajyot said...

@ Hemu

Thanks man...hope to receive your views n your blog too..

prajyot said...

@ Tulika...

Thanks a lot...!! gr8 to see your comments

prajyot said...

@ V.S.A

Thanks...u been after long time here..!!