Saturday, October 30, 2010

fbquick - Facebook Notifier For All FB Fans

fbquick makes it easy to:
  • Receive instant profile notifications on your desktop
  • Stay connected with your friends, groups, and events
  • Monitor your Facebook profile without a web browser
  • Enjoy all the fun facebook has to offer plus more!
fbquick -Message : Lost to track new messages? No time to actually login to Facebook Portal and check? Don't worry, check fbquick.fbquick will be there to notify you as soon as you get a new facebook message.

fbquick-Poke : fbquick will show a pop-up notification as soon you get poked. This way you can poke right back within seconds. 

fbquick-Wall : With fbquick you can get a pop-up notification instantly when someone writes that one thing they promised not to tell anyone.

fbquick-Group Invite : Remember those days before facebook when you weren't accepted by social groups, let alone invited? fbquick will help connect you to new social groups as soon as you get invited from your friends. Tell your imaginary friends that they're not needed anymore!

fbquick-event invite : It's important to know about an event right away. To save you time, fbquick will notify you as soon as you get invited to your next event.

fbquick -Friend Request : Internet friend: A friend with no strings attached  fbquick will notify you each time you get a new friend request.

fbquick-Tagged Photo : Not aware of friends publishing your tagged photo on FB and you not aware of it?No need to fear,fbquick will save you from that surprise by notifying you right away!

fbquick-Share : If one of your friends shares something through Facebook, fbquick will instantly send you a notification on your desktop.

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