Friday, October 15, 2010

Skype @ Facebook - Call FB Friends Via Skype

Facebook and Skype have joined hands to benefit their users. Skype 5.0, Skype's latest Windows desktop software, now supports calling your Facebook friends.The latest version of its internet telephony tool has new features including the Facebook integration and video conference calling for up to 10 people.The Facebook integration of Skype voice-and-video chatting utility makes Skype 5.0 even more social than before.
Skype users have spent an average of 520 million minutes every day talking to people on Skype, whether doing a Skype-to-Skype call for free or calling any phone for very little cost. Specially designed to emphasize many of Skype's less-known features such as file-sharing, screen-sharing and SMS, which are now linked to on a new "Skype Home" tab. Skype 5.0 now allows calling your Facebook friends right from your desktop. 
Now you Skype 5.0 allows you to update your Facebook status, comment on your friends' Facebook updates, even like articles -all with a ease from your windows of desktop.Skype 5.0 lets you import your Facebook phone book so dialing your Facebook friends and sms them,is with ease.


Harsh Agrawal said...

I welcome Skype facebook integration but I didn't like it much..
I upgraded my skype to Skype 5.0 and integrated facebook into skype..
Here are few problem which I have found:
It doesn't automatically refresh the feed
Video links open in browser tab...

More over stop script error which happened to me twice in last 2 hours...
Over all it's good to have facebook on your skype but again, they should make it bug free..
One important feature which I would like to suggest would be:
They have phone book feature that's good but for that we need to have skype credit, facebook should add a column to
enter skype ID, that will make this integration perfect!!

prajyot said...

@ Harsh

Nice to hear that you tried Skype 5.0 and even found some errors.

In fact,your suggestions are wise and definitely need a highlight. You must have even observe that now the GUI looks more segregated than looking more compact,they should have worked better.Nevertheless they still have a better plans to proceed with. After all people still people Skype these days until they have some better replacement for this giant.

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