Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tech Myth : Windows 7 Faster Than Vista

Windows 7 has sold over 150 million copies since it was first brought out into the market in October last year at a staggering rate of 7 copies every second. That was unbelievable. When i went through the stats, realized that it indeed went much faster than XP Professional selling quote. Many people had a hard time with windows Vista as it soon acquired a reputation for being  slow and a resource hog. Boot-up time was much ahead of XP and sluggy in start. No wonder to say,i was a VICTIM of the same.

Before Windows 7 every new Windows operating system released by Microsoft needed more hardware requirement in order to run smoothly and faster than the previous versions.But Windows 7 has certainly changed the stats as it provides far better speed and performance than Vista with the same hardware configurations. To some extent it performs  better than XP w.r.t windows start time and few apps. No doubt it all depends on user to tweak the same.Once Windows 7 arrived, people were quick to tout it as the speedy, slim operating system Vista should have been.Many people have conducted different tests to analyse how Windows 7 is faster than Vista.

A cleaner and graphically improved interface of windows 7 has a added advantages towards taskbar features and system tray icons, and off course the theme settings are much more advanced than those in Vista. Few Seconds and you will find Windows 7 system to be in dynamic theme looks.

Windows 7 users could download themes from Windows Web portal and gosh, this time the windows 7 unlike Vista, dint get bundled with so many inbuilt applications that server literally no purpose. Many mails threads have got circulated and forums have been targeted with one question that "Why Vista had bundled too many programs"? Finally Windows 7 had it left out. Microsoft has also listened to feedback of Windows users and critics and removed many of the bundled items such as Messenger, Movie Maker, Live Writer etc. 

For me, windows 7 is much more stable than vista.I remember the day vista was launched, people had so many issues pilling up at support threads of Microsoft.In fact beta itself has many flaws.But Microsoft has learnt their lessons and with no regrets, windows 7 is far much stable than vista.

I had a mild test of XP V/s Vista V/s Windows 7 and the test was system boot up and found following conclusions.

Operating System
Time in Seconds
Windows XP Professional
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows 7 Ultimate

In my opinion Windows 7 is definitely one of the best OS from Microsoft but one can never deny that it is much faster than Vista.I would say not as per expected , but yeah, i would still consider this statement to be myth.

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