Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Wikipedia Meet in Goa - WikiGoans @ WikiMeet 1.0

The WikiGoans, a team of Wikimedia enthusiasts comprising of Shradha Shahapurkar, Sudesh Mesta and Prajyot Mainkar hosted the very first Wikimedia meet in the state of Goa, the purpose being the 10th anniversary celebration of The Wikimedia Foundation on the 15th of January 2011 at Miramar Beach, Panjim, Goa.
Wikigoans at Wikimeet at Goa (Miramar)
The WikiMeet was attended by 23 Wikimedia enthusiasts, their backgrounds ranging from students to the working class.

The agenda included a brief discussion of The Wikimedia Foundation, followed by an introduction to all the fellow WikiGoans.

Later on, the group went on to discuss the activities that need be carried out in the subsequent meets, with a promise to create awareness about Open Source and Wikipedia in the state of Goa.

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Harsha Narayana said...

How do i get to be a part of the Wiki Goans ???