Sunday, January 23, 2011

Metro Browser For Windows & Mobile

Hand-Held internet browsing has been a "awesome" experience on smartphones. However having a cool browser is also add-on advantage.The only problem you can have is the limitation of the screen size. Yes, it is very difficult for a person to read the text on a small screen of a phone but that is something that cannot be changed since the phone has to fit on your palm.Check out the new Metro Web Browser for windows 7 phone.

Metro Web Browser lets you open an unlimited number of tabs and provides all the features in landscape and portrait mode. It also packs an orientation lock that keeps your screen from rotating as you browse and supports custom themes. It provides the user an option to overlay the screen and if you dint like the overlay then you can adjust the setting by moving the position or appearance by removing it altogether or shaking your phone and the actions screen will open up.


  • Unlimited number of tabs that are easy to manage
  • Full-screen browsing experience in both orientations, and full functionality in both orientations
  • Orientation lock enables you to force portrait or landscape browsing
  • Google-powered “lightweight mode” that optimizes desktop-designed pages for your phone 
  • Privacy mode
  • Powerful auto-completion, powered by Google or Bing
  • Search, powered by Google or Bing, integrated into the same box where you type URLs
  • Integrated searching for apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Supports running under the lock screen for a fast return from interruptions
  • Choose from built-in themes or design your own.
  • Manage favorites, recent pages, and frequently-visited sites easily
  • Customize the interaction between full-screen browsing and the “actions screen.” 

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