Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Facebook Special - Protecting Facebook Spammers

I am sure everyone would be aware of this Facebook Spam attack and i too found near about 23 videos in less than 7 hours on my walls. Finally i decided to have a small case study over this spam attack and found some workaround to tackle this spam attack. 

The video has a very smartly coded hidden JavaScript that activates moment its clicked. I actually clicked the video [ certainly using some dummy account] but using some safe surfing techniques and found some malwares were getting downloaded on to the local system. The caption is really termed nicely so that it inspires one to click on the link as soon as its been posted on the wall and then it ensure embarrassment too.

Some Tricks That i list to tackle this issue :
  • Well this is certainly not an idea but 99.9% gurentee that spammers wont attack. Disable the Wall posts from friends. I am sure most of you wont like this idea as wall being one of the major productive section of Facebook. But certainly, it leaks too many voids for attack and as said "Security is better than Being Attacked". To disable the wall posts, follow the figure discriptions as given below. Goto Account --> Privacy settings --> Customize Settings --> In the "Things others share" options, Uncheck "Friends can post on my Wall" check box.

  • Another issue that can lead to spam attack is , apps activation. Some Java Scripts are triggered in such a way that, they have access to your whole profile details and their settings reside in APPS Settings in Facebook Settings. Without knowing, they have their work at par and thus leading to spamming structure. It is essential that users be able to identify links that might smell spamming.However, if the user is not able to identify a possible spam link,best way is not to check it at all. I will now show how to disable Facebook unwanted apps and needs a regular check at this section to know things are fine.Goto Account --> Privacy settings --> Apps and Websites--> Click Remove --> Select "Edit Settings" corresponding to that app that needs to be removed (in my case Twitter) --> and finally click "Remove App"  Uncheck "Friends can post on my Wall" check box.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • I use Bit Defender for my laptop ( My Previous XP Laptop) and Bitdefender has a facebook app called as "Facebook Safego".Posting unlimited links,inbox messages and many more, we sometimes are not sure whether that link is safe or is not.Using in-the-cloud scanning, BitDefender safego keeps your social networking account safe so that you and your PC don't get into e-trouble. An efficient BitDefender spam repellent also helps keep your message flow free from this kind of Spams and many more.And that's not all. With BitDefender safego you get a privacy rating that tells you whether you're an easy prey on the personal data theft front as well.

Sync "Bitdefender Safego" With your Facebook by clicking this link

Some Other Minor Tricks To Be Safe Facebook user:

  • Don't accept unwanted friend request.
  • Have a secure connection ( HTTPS instead of HTTP ).
  • Do not post unwanted images,videos on friends walls.
  • Don't use apps that mean spamming motto or any unwanted app shouldn't be synced to FB account
  • Don't click any unwanted links etc.

Finally, i will show up the demo run of Bitdefender Safego on my profile.Its got very cool UI and checks inbox,comments,wall and many more. It looks like a stabilizer to me..ROFL.I am sure you will enjoy using this app :


ashish vinchurney said...

very informative dude... but the first trick will not allow anything to on wall except our posts... which might not very useful

prajyot said...

yes certainly thats why i mentioned, first method is not very good idea for some FB freaks..!!Glad you liked it..!! :-)