Friday, May 20, 2011

New Facebook Spam : 'Activate Dislike Button'

Arrgghhh...why is facebook turned as spambook ? i am unclear. This new scam is spreading fast on Facebook, announcing a “Dislike” button and offering to enable it on your account. 
The Like button, and the ability to Like Facebook pages are popular tools. The Like feature provides a framework for users to help promote good content by voting for it with the Like button. However, many users wish they could also police bad content by giving it the thumbs down with a Dislike button.

The Facebook Dislike button scam works the same as many other viral messaging scams on Facebook. It eggs the recipient on by teasing--or imploring depending on the wording--that the Facebook friend has downloaded the "official DISLIKE button" and provides a link to download it and be part of the in-crowd.

Falling for any of these scams typically trick one into giving a rogue Facebook application permission to access your profile, posting spam messages from your account and asking you to complete an online survey.

What is the change in this spam method ?

This time around spammers have replaced the standard “Share” option with their “Enable Dislike Button” link—see the image below: “Like · Comment · Enable Dislike Button”.

 In spite of Facebook efforts to block such scams they continue. I treat this spam is one of the most smartly coded spam attack as it doesn't even look like a spam, it would really spread highly if not taken caution against the same.

What is the remedy?

  1. As mentioned in my last post 

    Facebook Special - Protecting Facebook Spammers

     , check for unwanted apps in app settings.
  2. Disable wall posts in case you wanna be secure ( not a very convenient idea though very secure)
  3. Don't click on any ads or answer any kind of online surveys.
  4. Install Bitdefender Safego for checking attack on facebook profiles.

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