Monday, May 2, 2011

The Foodlets..Delicious Food "IT" way

The Concept

Foodlets is a social network for food lovers. They connect food lovers with good food over a visual medium - you get to see what food is served in restaurants.

Foodlets is a location aware service - i.e. all the food can be located on a city map. Foodlets will be launching a mobile app which will be the primary means of usage of Foodlets service.

Foodlets is based on the core concepts of content co-creation and sharing. Food lovers can create foodlets and share with friends, they can affirm(testify) the food they have eaten and loved, and also tell their experience about a particular dish. Alternatively restaurant owners can create visual menus for their food and engage with food lovers.

The Motivation

There are dozens of restaurant review and online ordering services in India. Foodlets found 2 major shortcomings with these services

1) They focus on the restaurants and not on individual dishes.
2) They are heavily text based and users don't get to see how the food looks.

Foodlets understand very well that a food dish by itself has its identify, recipe, fanbase, history and mostly importantly people’s memories associated with it. In Goa chicken cafreal at Florentine (Saligao) and the ras omlettes available on roadside stalls have a cult following.

Key Features on Foodlets

  • Search for a particular dish at a restaurant
  • Follow other food lovers and restaurants to stay updated about the new food
  • Affirm a dish to tell the community that you ate and loved it
  • Add a dishes to your wishlist

Beta Launch

Foodlets beta was released on 17th April 2011. Before the beta foodlets has a prototype online to test the feasibility and acceptance of the concept.

Upgrades :

  • A beautiful looking web site & new page layouts
  • New logo and icons
  • Easy navigation and modal windows
  • Compact JS/CSS and Ajax for faster page downloads
  • Larger food photo on the product page for better viewing

Know More :

  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • Email


Spat ! iGaMe...AlOt ! said...

really good writeup friend !!

Sagar Arlekar said...

Thanks Prajyot for writing about Foodlets. Now you have played your part in connecting food lovers to good food :)

We made a intro video, its here

mayur shett said...
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mayur shett said...

i saw that you are from goa. I too am in Goa, Morjim. Good to see a fellow blogger. May be we can meet some day