Monday, March 19, 2007

Bob Woolmer Passes Away...

Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer died under mysterious circumstances in Jamaica on Sunday.

Woolmer was last seen in public when he addressed the post-match press conference after Pakistan's shock defeat to Ireland on Saturday.

Officials had apparently been worried after they didn't see Woolmer early on Sunday.

When they went to his room, they found him unconscious and lying on the floor of his room with vomit around him.

Thereafter, the 58-year-old former English player was rushed to the Kingston University Hospital, where he was in emergency care before he passed away.

Woolmer had a history of health problems and was suffering from diabetes.

He made his Test debut in 1963 and one day debut in 1965.he was couch of south africa from 1994-1999 and current pakistan couch since 2004.His key role made south africa to reach in finals in 2003 world cup.

To express condolence towards woolmer's death,match players will be wearing black strips on to thier arms.

All indians express true condolence towards death of one of the great coach of all times.

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