Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chemistry of True love

What does it mean when you say to someone "I love you?" There are many answers and interpretations to this question, but when asked, the majority of people said that love is something they feel but cannot explain in words. People who genuinely feel they have fallen in love report a warm fuzzy inner feeling, sometimes giddiness.

People who fall in love recognize a strong force that draws them close to each other. Sometimes this force can be a strong physical attraction, which psychologists say is an important ingredient in romantic love.

Love is a living entity; if it stands still, it could die. To be alive means to move forward and go where life's journey takes you. Love may die only to be reborn again in a different form.

Inspirational story of true love proves to us that love can come when you least expect it. If you think that the circumstances in your life will inhibit any chance of finding the love of your life, you may be in for a surprise.

So always believe in your heart.Nope one understands your heart than you alone.But the girl who read your heart besides you reading it by yourself,well thats your love.
"somethings are not to be expressed...they have to be felt".

Love is the most sweetest relationship, provided we know what is its value and how we respect this love.Its how we understand our soulmate.More than this,its a understanding and mututal coordinated relationship.

"FALLING IN LOVE IS NOT BEING IN LOVE"....meaning,many people fall in love many times in life,thats falling in love(which has nope value).They dont have power to judge the true love.but the person who knows what is the true love,will never think of more than a single girl.Love is not yearly relationship,its a lifetime relation.
Remember True love happens only once...its said,we live only once and we also fall in love only once.


Aditi said...

Everyone wants to fall in love, but no one wants to understand the love, nice theory on chemistry of love.


very nice...i belieeve it..