Saturday, March 10, 2007

MS Office -Active source for ur needs

Windows office 2007 is efficient and more productive.Microsoft Office Word 2007, Office Excel 2007, Office PowerPoint 2007, Office Outlook 2007, and Office Access 2007 will feature a streamlined, uncluttered workspace that minimizes distraction and enables people to achieve the results they want more quickly and easilly.

Design goals and approach

In previous releases of Microsoft Office applications, people used a system of menus, toolbars, task panes, and dialog boxes to get their work done. This system worked well when the applications had a limited number of commands. Now that the programs do so much more, the menus and toolbars system does not work as well. Too many program features are too hard for many users to find. For this reason, the overriding design goal for the new user interface is to make it easier for people to find and use the full range of features these applications provide. In addition, MS wanted to preserve an uncluttered workspace that reduces distraction for users so they can spend more time and energy focused on their work. With these goals in mind, MS developed a results-oriented approach that makes it much easier to produce great results using the 2007 Microsoft Office applications.

Powerpoint-perfact presentation

now Ms is made presentation means simpler.Get into presentation with the cool graphical feel,just by rotation of fingertips.creations of pie charts,graphs and other simpler and efficient.

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