Saturday, July 28, 2007

Astitva..!! life existance

Well while back home from college,i came across this beautiful shade of nature.i instantly stopped my car aside,parked it and shot this pic.look at it..!!

Well its not mere a pic,its a pic which describes "astitva".How??well i will explain..!!if you look at the pic,you will see 3 colours,pale blue,mild white and dark blue..this 3 colours gives an idea of life motto and the reflection into water shows,whatever we do,it reflects our nature..and nature exisits when life exists..and thats why this pic,shows astitva...

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Freaky Gal said...

OOooo.. kewl thing!!.. man.. i told ya last time.. n me telling dis 2 ya again.. u have REALLY REALLY good observation!... Keep it up!! :-)